Naked Attraction fans amazed as polyamorous couple seek partner in show first

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Naked Attraction fans were left shocked on Tuesday night, after a show first.

During a compilation of the Channel 4 programme's best and kinkiest bits, one couple appeared on the show together in search of a third partner who would fit into their dynamic.

Matt and Mary appeared on the show together, and appeared to bicker about who would suit their relationship best.

The couple had a slight tiff as Matt preferred paler skin, while Mary loved a more olive skin tone.

Mary introduced herself as a bisexual woman in search of a second partner, while Matt was a straight man – but though they both wanted a female partner for their threesome, they couldn't quite agree on what did it for the two of them.

Fans took to Twitter to share their astonishment at the history-making clip, as one posted: "Throuple on Naked Attraction!"

It eventually came down to Georgina and Cara, but though Mary was drawn to her short hair and tattoos, Matt wasn't convinced, and instead they landed on nurse Cara.

And as Matt and Mary walked away from the boxes to discuss their options, one fan noticed a resemblance to a very different programme indeed.

"They've gone to talk to the wall like on Dragons' Den!" they giggled.

But it was later revealed in a catch-up with Matt and Mary that they'd since split up after appearing on the programme together.

They'd originally set up a WhatsApp group chat with Cara in order to "take things further" with their relationship – but it seems it wasn't meant to be.

And later on the programme, as another naked singleton was faced with one couple together in a box – though she didn't end up with them in the end.

Fans were left stunned a little later on in the show, as one woman asked of her potential dates: "I like to talk dirty, so what would you say to me?"

One of her eager suitors replied: "I'd make you drip like a knackered fridge!"

Viewers flocked to Twitter at the rather unconventional chat-up line, with one posting a row of cry-laughing emojis beside the quote.

"'I'd make you drip like a knackered fridge' – my word!" someone else penned.

"Scottish guy on #NakedAttraction just said he'd make the girl 'drip like a knackered fridge' and I'm unsure whether to laugh or not. Is this a new chat up line?" another queried.

A fourth simply chipped in: "Naked Attraction is such a wild f***ing show lol."

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