Nicky Campbell’s daughter is nothing like these messy celebs who leave takeaway boxes and dirty clothes on the floor – The Sun

EMPTY food packets, dirty laundry and half-used makeup palettes – no, we're not describing the things you might expect to find at a garbage dump.

Instead, these items many of us might dub as rubbish were found in BBC presenter Nicky Campbell's 21-year-old daughter's bedroom – as the dad shared a photo admitting he was 'bloody sick of it'.

"This is completely unacceptable," the radio host wrote. "I am bloody sick of it. I don't care that you were going to tidy it up, it really p*sses me off."

But Nicky's daughter's room isn't the muckiest we've seen, with celebs posting similar scenes to Instagram on a daily basis.

While Nicky's daughter may have simply been too exhausted to tidy her room following a gruelling season of exams, these celebrities who neglect their dirt-ridden properties and grime-covered bedrooms need a lesson in spring cleaning.

Danielle Lloyd's disorderly dresses

Messy wardrobes are a running trend amongst celebrities, and model and actress Danielle Lloyd showed off her jam-packed messy spare room in a recent snap.

The former Miss England and Miss Great Britain star, who was married to footballer Jamie O'Hara, has been known to use a cleaning service on a regular basis to keep the mess at bay.

But it doesn't seem to be working for Danielle, who is so snowed under by the mess that it looks as though her legs have totally disappeared into it.

Charlotte Crosby's strewn shoes

When it comes to the stars of Geordie Shore, the word 'messy' is most commonly associated with nights out on the town.

But it can also apply to the stars' houses, as they're out having fun too often to clean the carpets.

And having a messy bedroom is just one of many things that Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has been criticised for in the past – but it doesn't look like she's learnt from her mistakes.

With shoes littering the floor and clothes left far from the laundry, the reality star's bedroom looked far from the glam haven that we might picture for a celebrity in a recent snap.

Kerry Katona's 'floordrobe'

Trying to show off her startling weight loss last summer, Kerry Katona was caught out by clean freaks who spotted a huge pile of clothes in the star's bedroom.

And while it might be the norm for most women to have a bit of a 'floordrobe', the Atomic Kitten singer was working her way towards a mountain.

Thousands of Twitter users slammed the mum-of-four for acting like a teenage girl – with one writing: "Tidy your room up young lady!"

Perhaps the star needs to invest in another wardrobe…

Chloe Khan's messy night out

Chloe Khan left little to the imagination for fans as she posed for a saucy snap recently – including how messy she can make her bedroom.

From clothes to bags, mobile phones and even pyjamas, the 'feminist' reality star's entire suitcase of clothes was on display.

And the 26-year-old must've forgotten to tidy her hotel room before taking this Instagram post, as not even her protruding Brazilian bum lift could block out the muck.

Miley Cyrus's pizza boxes

Never shying away from pushing the boundaries, singer Miley Cyrus clearly pushed how long she could leave all her clutter and filth lying around.

In a snap from 2014, her living room looked like it really had been hit by a Wrecking Ball, with dog toys strewn across the room, ripped up paper, dirty towels and even what appeared to be leftover food out on display.

Katie Price's bin bag collection

Katie Price admitted in April she was prepared to fork out £1,000 a week for a cleaner – and looking at these photos it's clear to see why.

The 40-year-old's mucky mansion not only has boxes of rubbish and old furniture piled up everywhere, it's covered in food wrappers and litter, too.

And the outside isn't much better, with the star leaving her outdoor pool to rot, the tennis court to become overgrown and even a dump truck left dumped itself.

To make matters worse, when the house appeared on Through The Keyhole in 2017, host Keith Lemon even revealed there was horse poo all over the front drive.

Kim Kardashian's wardrobe wreck

If you've been Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you may be used to seeing spotless houses and perfectly organised walk-in wardrobes – but for Kim, the reality is pretty different.

With designer dresses, coats and shoes tossed onto the nearest surface, Kim's dressing room looks more like a Primark changing room than celebrity wardrobe.

Mum-of-four Kim shared this photo of her real wardrobe back in 2014, captioned: "trying to pick out an outfit struggle."

We think the struggle will be the clean up…

Elsa Hosk's unsightly suitcase

Packing to go on holiday is never an easy job, but Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk makes it a lot messier than it needs to be.

"Anyone else make a mess packing?" she asked her Instagram fans, while sharing a snap of her clothes littering the floor and hanging out the side of a suitcase.

And while her outfit may be on point now, with that much muck to pack up, she'll be lucky to have any coherent ensembles for her trip.

Beyonce Knowles' breakfast leftovers

The Queen B? Sloppy with cleaning up, as well? Believe it or not it appears so – as the singer poses alongside an unmade bed and dirty breakfast plates in the music video for her song 7/11.

In fact, on the red carpet Beyonce once admitted to Ebony magazine that she was 'a little messy' – a factor that often bugs her organised husband Jay Z.

"I'm just relaxed," she admitted – which may explain why the dirty dishes are left around the bed in the video.

In other news, frustrated parents clapped back by sharing pictures of their children's mucky rooms in light of Nicky's now viral Tweet.

While the Love Island dressing room was revealed to have become a disgusting mess just NINE days after the Islanders moved in to the villa.

And Boris Johnson was caught out for having a messy car after photographers found food wrappers and old clothes on the muddied backseats.

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