Nicola makes a heartbreaking confession to shocked Jimmy in Emmerdale

Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) has been struggling with her mental health on Emmerdale ever since she was violently attacked in a car park. At times she’s been to scared to leave the house, even crashing her car into David (Matthew Wolfenden)’s van in a panic the first time she tried to drive.

She’s been employing various strategies to try to hide how bad she’s been feeling from her nearest and dearest, but in upcoming episodes she realises it’s time to confide in Jimmy (Nick Miles) about the toll the experience has taken on her and the daily struggles it’s still causing.

It’s not an easy conversation to have and she tries to avoid it by turning up for work at the cafe. But eventually she plucks up the courage to tell Jimmy all about what she’s been going through.

Predictably he’s shocked to know that she’s been suffering so much and he wasn’t aware of it, but he pledges that he’ll be there to support her in whatever way she needs.

But when Nicola’s attitude to her assault switches to a decision to bring down the girls who attacked her, Jimmy isn’t sure she’s making the right decision. Is she heading for trouble?

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