Ozark season 4: Jonah killing spree sealed with foreshadowing clues ‘Point of no return

Ozark: Netflix teases fourth season

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The widely acclaimed Netflix drama is finally returning for its fourth and final season at the start of next year. Ahead of the long-awaited release of Ozark, subscribers have been considering some shocking yet convincing theories about the Brydes’ son Jonah’s (played by Skylar Gaertner) role in the last episodes.

Jonah could be the one who finally relinquishes his parents from the grip of the Navarro cartel in the final season of Ozark.

However, his violent solution to their snowballing debts will mean his already shattered family won’t be the same again as the final credits roll on the series.

When we last saw the Byrdes, Wendy (Laura Linney) and Marty (Jason Bateman) had entered an uneasy new partnership with the cartel.

After killing his unreliable lawyer Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer) right in front of them, Omar (Felix Solis) embraces the husband and wife and welcomes them into his inner circle.

Earlier in the series, though, their son Jonah made a stand against Helen, and could finally work up the courage to pull the trigger against his family’s enemies in the next instalment.

Fans have been taking to Reddit since the first trailer for Ozark season four was released, and many agreed Jonah will take a life at some point in the Byrdes’ final chapter.

User Tr2041 began their theory: “Jonah will finally do it.”

This Ozark diehard then outlined several moments throughout the series where Jonah demonstrated his eventual capacity to kill.

“Honestly it’s happened twice now and they always say third times the charm,” they explained.

“In season one Jonah points a weapon at a cartel member. At the end of season three, he almost ends Helen Pierce a little early.

“I think this has all been foreshadowing for season four. In the next season, I really think Jonah is gonna finally take a life.”

In one of the tensest moments of the season three finale, Jonah points a gun directly at Helen’s head.

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She eventually talks him out of it, prompting the frustrated teen to take out a window instead to release some build-up anger.

This only helped the season three finale deliver an even greater shock, however, when Helen is shot by Navarro’s security minutes later.

With Helen now dead, the ruthless cartel leader has become the greatest threat to the Byrdes’ safety.

While some viewers will expect Marty and Wendy to use their quick-thinking to leave their life of crime behind, others believe Jonah taking action would track much more with the themes of the series.

In the comments, TalksWithTom added: “Jonah committing murder is a metaphor for basically the point of no return for this family.

“He is the only character in the entire series with an ounce of innocence left, and obviously that loss of innocence for the kids is one of the great tragedies of the series.”

Hopefully, the Byrdes will be able to escape the events of the last season with their lives, but their family life certainly won’t be the same again once they’re dealing with the fallout.

Ozark season four, part one will be released on Friday, January 21 2022 on Netflix.

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