Paris Jackson and boyfriend Gabriel Glenn break up as King of Pop's daughter wants to 'focus on music career'

PARIS Jackson is newly single after it was revealed that she has broken up with musician boyfriend Gabriel Glenn.

Now that she is single, the 22-year-old is believed to be spending her newly free time focusing on her music career.

Sources close to Michael Jackson's daughter told TMZ that the breakup was amicable, with neither person holding any grudges.

An additional source told the outlet that Paris and Gabriel's relationship simply ran its course and no specific incident caused the split.

Following the breakup, Paris has reportedly been in the studio almost every day as she works on new music.

Paris often attended Gabriel's gigs at music joints and was spotted at many in Los Angeles.

Additionally, the former couple have performed together as the band The Soundflowers since 2018.

Paris and Gabriel, 23, dated for over two years after meeting at Gabriel's band The Trash Dog's performance at Hollywood's Rainbow Bar & Grill in April 2018.

News of the split came shortly after the couple's Facebook Watch series Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn aired its finale episode on August 4.

During the episode, Paris hinted at problems within the relationship and said she was "constantly butting heads" with Gabriel.

Paris added: "A big thing for Aries is we are very impatient, depending on what it is.

"The people that we love and things that we care about, we have the patience of a saint. But it’s a very interesting dynamic. We both have double stubborn energy. I’ve always known I was stubborn, and I knew that he was stubborn because he’s a Taurus."

She also shared that she viewed Gabriel as "one of many soulmates," adding that she does not "think soulmates are specifically just romantic partners."

Also during the episode, Gabriel shared that they discussed the possibility of breaking up in regards to their band.

He said: "I think we said when we first got together, even if we didn't work out as a couple, we always would want to be in a band together. Our music was one thing we wanted to hold on to no matter what."

Her legendary father Michael died in June 2009 of cardiac arrest after a doctor prescribed him various medications to help him sleep.

Paris has been open about missing her father and shared a never-before-seen clip of him in June 11 years after his tragic death.

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