Peter Andre reveals Susanna Reid was his celebrity crush before he married wife Emily

PETER Andre has confessed that he had a secret celebrity crush on Susanna Reid before he married wife Emily.

The pop star, 47, opened up about his past celeb crushes which included some familiar names.

In his column in New magazine, the Mysterious Girl singer wrote: “Susanna Reid got hot under the collar for Jason Derulo  when he appeared on Good Morning Britain last week.

"Damn it, she could easily have been my celeb crush – but it's over now!”

The dad-of-four also admitted that he had a soft spot for Hollywood A-listers Jessica Alba and Halle Berry.

He penned: "I used to have celeb crushes on Jessica Alba and Halle Berry in my twenties, but now I've got the most beautiful wife in the world, so I don't need a celeb crush anymore – see what I did there!"

Peter then joked: "Has Ems got any crushes? Nah, why would she? She's got me… jokes!"

Peter revealed last week that he was eager to have another child saying he and Emily has grown even closer during lockdown, leading them to consider extending their family.

But the singer also revealed how pre- Covid they had also talked about him getting “the snip” — an operation he said he would undergo if Emily, 31, went cold on the idea of motherhood again.

Speaking to The Sun On Sunday about having more children, Peter said: “We are talking about it. If we’re ­talking about it, it will ­eventually happen, right?

“Ironically lockdown has brought us both closer together and so we’ll have more of a chance.

“But if Emily is really not up for it, maybe I’ll have the snip — only if it’s reversible!

“I think every guy is scared of having the snip because it means a closed chapter.

“But why should the woman always be the one to take precautions?”

Pete married Emily in 2015 when the couple met through her father who is also a doctor.

The couple met through her father who is also a doctor.

Peter had been due to appear at the Plymouth Pavilions when he was rushed to hospital in excruciating pain.

He had kidney stones and was treated by Emily's father.

Peter already has four children — Amelia, six and Theo, three, with Emily, plus Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with his ex Katie Price.

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