Peter Andre's wife Emily fears son Theo 'isn't ready' to start school at four years old

PETER Andre's wife Emily fears her son Theo is not ready to start school at four years old.

She used her OK! Magazine column to talk about the milestone moment which has left her feeling emotional.

The 31-year-old shared: "Theo is starting school in September so my biggest hope is that he enjoys it.

"It’s going to be a big deal for me, and with him only doing nine hours a week at nursery at the moment, it’s going to feel like a bit of a jump."

She added: "He started nursery last year which was very emotional. I felt it more than when I took Millie because I still had Theo at home then, whereas in September I’ll have an empty nest!

"He’s still my little baby and I don’t want to let him go, but I have to! To me I still don’t feel like he’s quite ready to start school. He probably is and it’s just me feeling that way, but Millie seemed so grown up and ready to go. I still see Theo as the baby of the family and I think I always will."

Her husband Peter, 47, feared for his son Junior after his GCSEs were cancelled and schools were shut.

The dad-of-four took to Instagram to express his concern for his son's education and encouraged everyone to stay safe as the virus continues to spread.

He posted the message along with a screenshot of a news report on the new guidelines.

Peter penned: "As a dad with kids of various ages attending school, and with Junior and children his age having their GSCEs put in Jeopardy, this is gonna be a very hard number of weeks.

"All the vulnerable, those with mental health, hospitality, teachers….. retail, the list goes on. It’s absolutely devastating. Thinking of us all. Pls be safe everyone."

The singer also heaped praise on his wife Emily, who is a GP and works on the NHS frontline.

He added: "The NHS is amazing and I'm so proud of Emily and all the people who've worked on the frontline during the pandemic. However soppy it sounds, she's kind of my hero."

Earlier this week Boris Johnson ordered everyone in England to stay at home until mid-February as he launched an emergency shutdown to try to save Britain's NHS and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The PM ordered the closure of all schools and non-essential shops for at least the next six weeks.

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