Piers Morgan attacks celebs who 'play the victim' in furious rant ordering stars to 'get a grip'

PIERS Morgan has lashed out at complaining celebrities – ordering whinging stars to "get a grip".

The 56-year-old former Good Morning Britain star launched a blistering attack today saying: "The woe-is-me c**p is so disingenuous."

Piers, who has slated everyone from Sam Smith to Meghan Markle in recent months, posted a rant on Twitter this morning.

He wrote: "Is there any danger of a celebrity giving an interview in which they don’t play the victim but actually tell us how grateful they are to be hugely successful, rich & famous?

"The ‘woe-is-me’ c**p is so disingenuous and so utterly exhausting. Just get a grip all of you."

One follower agreed: "Totallly agree, I’m sure it’s very difficult to not have privacy but it’s a lot harder to work 9-5 for £80 a day!

"They lose touch with reality and what life used to be like when money was a issue. How can they not be grateful?"

It's not clear if Piers was specifically referring to any interview in particular, but he has previously 'named and shamed' a series of stars.

In March last year he ranted against 20 celebrities including Taylor Swift, Idris Elba and favoured targets Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

His ire then turned on singer Sam Smith, who earned a place on Piers' list thanks to a series of pictures they shared of a "meltdown" in self-isolation.

The TV star raged at the time: "FFS. I can’t take any more of this celebrity attention-seeking bulls***. Get a grip, the lot of you. This is a war, not an Instagram story op."

Another favourite target, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, got both barrels from Piers too, with him calling them "staggeringly entitled" for jetting away to Hollywood to search for homes during the coronavirus crisis.

Piers left Good Morning Britain in March after refusing to apologise for saying he didn't believe Meghan's claims during a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

But speaking on US telly show Extra last month he insisted he won't stay "cancelled" for long.

Piers said: "I'm going to take my time and then hopefully come back with something fun, exciting.

"My message to the cancel-culture mob is, 'I wouldn't celebrate too long. I don't think I'll be cancelled much longer.'"

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