Piers Morgan tells Queen to strip ‘cringe’ Harry and Meghan of their titles

Piers Morgan was not holding back on today's instalment of Good Morning Britain when it came to his less-than-favourable thoughts about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The outspoken GMB presenter accused the couple of "making a mockery of the Royal Family system".

Piers added: "Our viewers aren't stupid," as he slammed the couple over their recent commercial partnerships, having stepped back from their senior positions in the Royal Family.

Piers continued: "Let's do a poll; should the Queen strip Meghan and Harry of their Royal titles that they are so shamelessly using to make hundreds of millions of dollars?"

After 33,000 viewers voted on the programme, 74 per cent agreed that Harry and Meghan should no longer be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan stepped away from their senior positions within the Royal Family at the beginning of 2019 in a bid to separate themselves from the media spotlight.

It was an eventful year for the couple and saw them sign a lucrative £100million deal with streaming giant Netflix and bag a £30million podcast of their own.

Remarking on their business deals, Piers said: "They quit the country for privacy and they've hardly shut up since. They particularly wanted to protect their little boy who is the star of their new podcast. It is all complete hogwash."

He added: "When Ginge and Cringe did their new podcast – that's their new nicknames, because he's got ginger hair and she makes me cringe – and little Archie was brought in to flog it, did that not make you [cringe]?

"After all that saying 'we had to leave the country to protect his privacy. but now the moment we've signed a big-money deal we're going to use him to flog our podcast'."

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