Ralf Little reveals Death in Paradise filmed alternate ending providing answers to agonising finale cliffhanger

DEATH in Paradise Neville Parker actor, Ralf Little teased fans about an alternate season ending after rage over a cliffhanger.

Fans were left frustrated after the season 10 finale ended on a dramatic Neville cliffhanger.

But now Little revealed that the hit BBC crime drama 10th season might have ended completely differently.

"I'll tell you something interesting, we actually shot two endings," he told Hello.

"But there was some debate about whether the ending was going to be left as it was, on a cliffhanger, or to try and resolve in whatever direction… I'm not going to give you any clues."

"But in the end, obviously we decided that the cliffhanger was more interesting and I think it was probably right. Everyone is going to be asking."

His co-star Josephine Jobert, who plays DS Florence Cassell, added fans would be even angrier knowing there might have been a more resolute ending to the tenth series.

Viewers were eager to see how the tenth series of the hit BBC crime drama unfolded and they already have something big to look forward to at the start of series 11.

Neville was enjoying a drink with Marlon (Tahj Miles) and JP (Tobi Bakare), as the latter was leaving to start a new job.

The lead detective went to the bar and gazed at JP and his wife, reminiscing on what he once had with former partner DS Florence.

Bar owner Catherine (Élizabeth Bourgine) approached and told Ralf "You only have yourself to blame", before encouraging Parker to tell his colleague how he feels about her.

"What, now?" replied a puzzled Neville, as he knew Florence was due to go on a date.

The wise Florence advised: "Tonight, there is only one man who will get to spend the evening with Florence and enjoy her company, and that is the man who is brave enough to ask her out. For once, try being bold."

That gave Ralf all the confidence he needed as he sprinted to his jeep and drove straight to Florence's house.

After a moment's hesitation, Neville knocked on the door and out came a glammed up Florence, who was waiting for her date to pick her up.

A clearly nervous Neville struggled to get his words out as he stuttered: "Well, the thing is, there is something I wanted to tell you", before a confused Florence said "what sir?"

Neville continued: "There is something I wanted to say…", but before he finished his sentence, the credits rolled.

Fans were left in agony and are dying to find out what happens next between Neville and Florence.

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