Rana 'back from the dead' in shocking Corrie moment

Carla Connor (Alison King) – not to mention Coronation Street fans – got the fright of her life when she came face to face with dead Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia)in an unexpected return for the late character, who was killed when the roof of Underworld caved in on her.

Enduring an intense psychotic episode, Carla was pushed to the edge and, spotting a woman in a red coat, Carla thought it was Hayley Cropper and followed her, begging her for help. ‘[email protected] climbed up the stairwell of the Victoria Street fire escape.

However, when the figure turned around, it was Rana beneath the coat and, believing that she had killed her, was left horrified and scared to find it was her she was speaking to. Of course, viewers knew this was all in a seriously ill Carla’s mind.

Another figure climbed up the stairwell after Carla and while we saw it was Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne), in Carla’s mind, she was seeing Aidan coming towards her. As Carla was reduced to the brink, her nightmare got worse and Peter feared he would lose her forever.

Thankfully, Carla survives despite being in such a precarious position and next week, will be back in hospital with Peter vowing to be there by her side.

Speaking about the scenes, Chris told us: ‘Peter is terrified, he feels like he has let her down and knowing what a fragile state she was in he genuinely fears for her safety. They are desperate to find her before she comes to harm. They have no idea where she will have gone.

‘Michelle spots her on the fire escape stairs on Victoria Street and they realise that she thinks she is speaking to Hayley, Aidan and Rana. It is heartbreaking to watch and Peter is desperate to get to her and help her but he is worried that if they scare her she could fall. He has to make a decision about what to do for the best.’

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