Relationship expert reveals savage reason why Love Island cast have no chemistry

Love Island fans collectively cringed last night as Curtis Pritchard cringingly asked Amy Hart to be his "half-girlfriend" during some alone-time in the Hideaway.

Amy later got annoyed with Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt, who managed to swoop in and "steal our thunder" by declaring themselves exclusive just hours after Curtis' hot tub proposal.

But viewers have been turned off by the lack of action in the villa so far this series, with none of the couples yet getting down and dirty under the covers like in previous years.

Even the kisses in the saucy challenges seem chaste, with Amber Gill mocked for her close-lipped smooch with Curtis on day two.

Here, We-Vibe's relationship expert and psychologist Dr Becky Spelman reveals just why none of the Islanders actually fancy each other…

"One of the most defining features of Love Island this year is the distinct lack of chemistry in the villa.

"Molly-Mae Hague seems to feel that almost all the men are 'her type'. Sherif Lanre is gone for reasons that as yet remain unclear and, inexplicably, it seems to have taken forever for the gorgeous Yewande Biala to attract any attention.

"Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart have enjoyed some much-vaunted alone time but give every impression of just being into each other for the attention, while Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt are rumoured to have got together just to get back into the spotlight.

"What's going on?

"All of the contestants in Love Island are, as always, young and beautiful. To anyone on the outside looking in, it should seem like a foregone conclusion that at least some of them will want to team up.

"However, in real life, attraction does not always work like that. It is not necessarily true that opposites attract, but when people are too alike, personality-wise, the prospect of a relationship can seem quite dull.

"Inevitably, people with broadly similar personalities are going to be attracted to the idea of entering a reality TV contest – people who are at least outwardly confident and extrovert, who feel able to parade themselves in their swimwear in front of the whole nation and aren't in the least bit shy about discussing their most private and intimate details: in other words, a bunch of show-offs.

"While there's nothing wrong with having this sort of personality, two show-offs in a relationship often just doesn't work. In real life, extreme extroverts often find a degree of balance by pairing up with more introverted people, and vice versa. That way, each can bring the best out of the other.

"What we have in Love Island is a bunch of people who all crave public attention – and who would do almost anything to get it.

"If the producers wanted to make Love Island really interesting, and possibly a better arena for meaningful relationships to form, they should consider introducing some shy, bookish librarians and accountants to the mix…"

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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