'RHOBH': Garcelle Beauvais Admits She Is 'On the Fence' About Returning for Season 12


  • Garcelle Beauvais reveals the 4-part ‘RHOBH’ reunion was a ‘long a** day.’
  • The ‘RHOBH’ sophmore revealed Erika Jayne ‘showed up’ and ‘did her best’ at the reunion.
  • Garcelle is officially ‘on the fence’ about returning for another season of ‘RHOBH.’

Garcelle Beauvais and her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars are wrapping up season 11 with a four-part reunion special. The drama-filled end-of-season sit-down was filmed weeks ago and hasn’t aired in full yet. But Garcelle has already confessed that she is “on the fence” about returning for season 12.

Garcelle Beauvais says filming the season 11 ‘RHOBH’ reunion was a ‘long a** day’

Andy Cohen revealed that the RHOBH season 11 reunion would feature four parts, which is a first for the franchise. Garcelle says that she was “shocked” to find out there would be an extra night. But she did admit that it was “a long a** day” of filming. The Real co-host also promised that Cohen didn’t hold back when it came to questioning Erika Jayne.

“You know, Andy Cohen really went in, and I know some people on social media were saying, ‘Is he going to be too soft?’ I really feel like he asked the questions that people want to know from all of us. Especially, though, from Erika. There were a lot,” Garcelle told Entertainment Tonight.

Erika Jayne is facing her co-stars and fans

With Erika Jayne’s divorce from Tom Girardi and his law firm’s scandal taking control of the narrative in season 11, Garcelle says that the Pretty Mess author showed up and did her best.

“Erika was good, and she showed up, she did her best, which I think is pretty amazing considering what she has been through. She is not hiding. I like that she is facing her co-stars and fans,” the actress said.

As the story continues to play out in real-time in the news, several of Erika’s co-stars — including Garcelle — have been vocal about their confusion over Erika’s explanations and version of events. She went into the reunion hoping to get some answers.

Garcelle Beauvais admits she’s ‘on the fence’ about ‘RHOBH’ season 12

The Bravo sophomore shared that she was “surprised by different emotions” during the reunion taping. And she also confessed that season 12 wasn’t a guarantee for her. “I’m on the fence,” Garcelle said.

She then clarified that she was “open to” returning in season 12, adding that “it’s just a matter of getting there.” If she does come back, Garcelle says she would love to have someone she could trust added to the cast. Or, maybe have one former co-star come back, too.

The return of Denise Richards?

“I would love it if Denise [Richards] came back,” Garcelle told People magazine. “I’ve also been pitching Sheree Fletcher Zampino, Will Smith’s ex-wife. I would love her to be a friend on the show. I would love to have someone I can trust.”

On Watch What Happens Live over the summer, Garcelle told Andy Cohen that she was still in contact with Denise before hinting, “I think she wants to come back.”

Then, Garcelle added that there was one condition. “Somebody’s gotta go though,” she said. “Just saying.” But she wouldn’t confirm if the “somebody” had the initials “L.R.”, a reference to Lisa Rinna.

Garcelle Beauvais still feels bad for Erika Jayne

As for the season 11 RHOBH reunion, Garcelle says Erika didn’t back down at all. When asked by Page Six if she felt differently about her co-star after leaving the reunion, Garcelle said that “still feels bad” for Erika.

“It’s a horrible thing to go through,” Garcelle said of Erika’s divorce and her husband’s scandal. She also said that she and Erika are still friends, even if the friendship is fractured.  “It’s not over,” Garcelle said.

Part two of the four-part RHOBH reunion airs Wednesday, Oct. 20 on Bravo.

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