Rise and Fall fans slam series after first contestant walks

The Channel 4 reality show is a social experiment that explores how wealth and power shape the way people behave toward one another. In a game packed with drama, betrayal, and power plays, the players have the opportunity to rise and fall, from having everything to having nothing.

However, as the game began it didn’t take long for contestant Ali to walk from the competition.

As Greg James welcomed the contestants, he explained six of them would have to put themselves forward to have the power, while the remaining players had to stay in the basement as the grafters.

The grafters would then need to take part in a number of challenges in a bid to win the power contestants some money.

The first task saw the grafters getting electrocuted, earning their opponents £6,000.

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Although, the pressure seemed to get to Ali and he decided to walk from the show completely.

Following the dramatic episode, fans took to social media to share their thoughts, with many slamming the new Channel 4 series. Many also claimed to “switch off” within minutes”.

Twitter user @worriedmuch2 wrote: “I had to turn #riseandfall off. It’s horrible. And it’s far too close to the way this country is actually run to be entertaining…”

@fragglerock41 shared: “#riseandfall Well that’s a record for me. 12 minutes in already have a dislike of all these famemongers. Took me a good week with Big Brother, well done Channel 4, good work.” (sic)

While @online_poaster added: “God. Damn. This is bad #riseandfall.”

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@OPascalTFrench pointed out: “Is this slightly dystopian-like watching random people be electrocuted for money/people’s entertainment…? #riseandfall.” (sic)

@dwangeddy fumed: “This program is a taste of what’s to come when the dystopia really kicks in #riseandfall.”

Other viewers couldn’t believe it when Ali decided to walk out.

@carolarnese said: “Ali should have got the team to strike for hot water and heating and food why walk out before trying everything??#riseandfall.”

@LidlBitLost commented: Running after 1 day? Says a lot about the entrepreneur. #CantHackReality #riseandfall.” (sic)

@joannamont pointed out: “Wait, what? Did someone really just walk out? Least dramatic exit in the history of reality TV if so #riseandfall.”

Despite the criticism, other viewers loved the new series, with @AdsmKelly tweeting: “Great cast as well! Feels like an Apprentice/Big Brother-type cast. They all feel individual and confident in their own strengths #riseandfall.” (sic)

Rise and Fall returns on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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