RuPaul's Drag Race season 13: Queens ranked from after Condragulations

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 has more ups and downs that a queen performing a vogueing duck walk and we. are. living. for it.

After half the queens were half-eliminated last week, it was down to them to decide who to totally kick off – and poor Elliott With Two Ts was axed in a lipstick vote.

However, she was then brought back to fight for her place one last time as the queens remained split into two teams – with Condragulations focusing on last week’s lipsync winners group.

Told to stomp a runway, and create a performance to a new song, the winners remained winning with the lipsync being a fight for cash, not for their place.

Keeping up? We’re barely holding on!

So with everything going on, how did our new queens fare? Did they rise to the top with all this airtime up for grabs? Or did they disappear?

Here’s our latest rankings of how the queens did – from top to bottom.

Due to the divide, this ranking will only feature this week’s group of queens.

Olivia Lux

Olivia Lux is a real force of nature and a kind of energy that automatically draws you to her without even trying.

There wasn’t a single look this week that wasn’t utter perfection, with her group challenge making her look like a Dream Girl or Beyonce during her Crazy In Love era. Everything about her is cute – from her smile to her teeny tiny handbag collection.

Rather than purvey glamour she showed off her goofy side in the lip sync, and her confessionals are so much fun.

It was an incredibly tight fight between Olivia and Symone this week, but in our opinion, she clinched the win.


Symone brought it this week and deserved every single penny of that $5000 winners’ tip – Ru said it, girl’s got star quality.

In the fashion runway, she fully brought 90s, high-fashion BAPS references with her day look, and looked like a Greek goddess in her wrap evening outfit.

She also has this killer side-eye look of confidence that says ‘I’m amazing and I know it’ that we need in our life immediately.

In the group performance, she was a hell of a lot of fun and her Lamé  boxing outfit made it look like she fell out of a music video.

The only reason she’s not in our top spot is the group challenge outfit, which fell short to us compared to Olivia.


Gottmik’s story of gender dysphoria is an important, trailblazing one not just on Drag Race but in life, so it was nice to see him lay it out on full display this week and discuss it so bravely and openly.

It felt a tiiiny bit prodded by the producers to be spoken about, which may have been why Gottmik was so thrown out in the main challenge, but in queen form she still killed it any way.

In the fashion show challenge, her stunning latex rainbow look was to die for, and that nighttime look… it was so beautiful we need a night out with her.

Ending the week as a bronze gold sea dragon in her lame outfit, Gottmik had another strong week.

Elliott (with two Ts)

Elliott With Two T’s made Drag Race history this week as the only queen ever to be eliminated three times within one episode.

Poor girl – that’s got to sting, but instead of letting it get to her head, the axing and subsequent returns lit a fire under her butt and she brought it more than anyone could’ve imagined.

That goth BDSM Greatest Showman look during the fashion show challenge? *chef’s kiss* .

It kind of backfired a little though, with her shady comments towards the others, particularly towards Kandy, making her seem so untrustworthy everyone thought she was a spy.

We can’t blame Elliott for being a bit thrown out after everything that happened, but we hope she balances out now.

Kandy Muse

Kandy Muse is bringing it for the big girls in a brand new way and after such a loud entrance she seems to have balanced herself out this episode.

Her fashion show outfits slightly dropped the ball (only slightly) with that hole in the back of her devil latex look a bit of a let down.

But she held her nerve when Elliott picked at her insecurity at being first eliminated, and instead of exploding dealt with it calmly despite clearly wanting to set fire to Elliott’s wigs.

It did get to her though, and we reckon her uncertainty throughout the rest of the episode was a result of it, which was a shame as her Barbarella style babydoll outfit was cute as hell.

Hopefully not she’s safe she’ll feel a bit more on her feet.

Tina Burner

Tina Burner is a smart cookie that knows herself and her craft inside out – but her craft is performing on a stage, and like Michelle warned, she’s going to need to transfer that over to be camera friendly or she’s in trouble.

One of the best examples of this is, sadly, her yellow/red/orange style. It’s fine when you see her once a week at the club, but when it’s back to back in a fashion show, then confessionals etc. it’s a bit too much.

When she broke out of it though, ie. in her tinman look, she really shined, so she’s not one to underestimate.

Tina was clever enough to click that there was something weird going on with the number of queens – even if her ‘Elliott is a spy’ conspiracy may have been jumping the gun a little. So we’re excited to see what will happen when the two groups finally merge.

LaLa Ri

LaLa Ri is adorable as hell and her confessionals make us want to squish her cheeks and talk life over a bottle of wine.

Being at the bottom of this list doesn’t mean she’s bad, but sadly it means that she’s just not matching up to her competitors in the game.

Nearly tripping during the fashion show, her looks are polished and professional, but they’re missing a bit of life.

She’s missing some ‘oomph’ and we’re praying she finds it soon.

RuPaul’s Drag Race continues Fridays on VH1 in the US and Saturdays on Netflix in the Uk.

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