Sanditons Charlotte Heywood to star in huge Netflix project

Sanditon season 2 trailer from ITV

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ITV’s Sanditon is based on Jane Austen’s final and unfinished novel and continues to leave viewers wanting more. However, after it was revealed that the series would be coming to an end after three seasons, Charlotte Hayward star Rose Williams already has a huge role lined up.

Netflix has lined up Rose and co-star Famke Janssen, known for her role in the X-men franchise for the psychological thriller Locked In.

The film is currently in production in London and will include other cast members such as Alex Hassell (Violent Night), Finn Cole (Animal Kingdom) and Anna Friel (Monarch). – can you take the shows out of brackets please just as a style thing

It will depict the unhappy newlywed Lina (Rose Williams), battling against her brittle, damaged mother-in-law, Katherine (Famke Janssen).

An affair sets Lina on a journey of secrecy, betrayal and murder — and a plot to seemingly destroy her. But who is the real victim, and who can she truly trust?

No news has been released as to when the film will drop on the streaming giant, but can expect to have viewers eagerly waiting for its arrival.

Last week it was revealed that Sanditon will come to an end after three seasons, leaving fans devastated.

Executive producer Susanne Simpson told Deadline: “Sanditon has been an incredibly special series for Masterpiece, and we know it has found its way into the hearts of countless fans.

“While we are sad to say goodbye to the series, we know our audience has a lot to look forward to in this new season.”

During the second season, Rose’s character Charlotte had to choose between three love interests who had begun fighting over her.

Ralph Sterling (Cai Bridgen), Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) and Colonel Francis Lennox (Tom Weston-Jones) were adamant to impress.

At Alison’s wedding, Ralph Starling (Cai Bridgen) introduced himself to Charlotte’s friends as her fiance and Miss Heywood looked rather embarrassed about it.

Ralph is a farmer in Willingdon whom Charlotte’s father insisted she marry. But, by agreeing to marry Ralph, Charlotte admitted defeat.

Yet Charlotte felt a powerful attraction to Alexander Colbourne and hoped he would sincerely make a romantic gesture to her because Miss Heywood was ready to accept a proposal of marriage.

Season three could see Colbourne fight for Charlotte and prove how much she meant to him, leaving her confused over her marriage with Ralph.

Throughout season two, Charlotte mourned the loss of her first love Sidney Parker (Theo James) after he left her heartbroken in season one.

Rose previously spoke out about Theo’s departure from the series and told “I mean, you know, I’m sad.

“But there was a handful that didn’t come back, which, you know, is sad, but at the same time, I’m blessed to work with this beautiful new ensemble with brand new energy.

“We also shot in a lot of new locations, and I feel so lucky, like Ben [Lloyd-Hughes] is so encouraging as you can tell, great sense of humour.

“It was kind of a bit, because of the Covid stuff, normally, you have a read-through at the beginning of the season where you kind of get to know everyone.

Sanditon seasons one and two are available to watch on ITVX.

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