SEAL Team season 5: Jason and team to face battle on home soil as fans tip family twist

SEAL Team: CBS teases season finale of show

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Led by Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz) the elite Navy SEAL team are tasked with taking on dangerous and life-threatening missions across the world. Many fans of the military drama have watched them tackle wars in devastated countries and have theorised that season five of the CBS series could see them face a battle on their home soil.

Members of the SEAL Team have blind loyalty to their fellow soldiers and their role.

As well as the dangers they face on a mission, they were often deployed at a moments notice, forcing them to drop whatever they were doing.

This often caused tension and difficulty with their loved ones who didn’t understand the unwavering dedication the members had for work.

Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes once stated that he believed it is his duty to defend and protect his country.

In an effort to combat the common disagreements the soldiers have with their loved ones about their job, fans have come up with a theory.

Taking to Reddit a user posted: “I hope there’s some sort of ‘at home’ combat or something in the next season.”

They explained: “If it’s a mass shooter where several of the guys and their families are there and have to go all SEAL mode to protect them or one of them has cartel hitmen after him or something.”

This viewer believed that if their families were able to see them at work, it would help them understand why the soldiers were so dedicated to their roles.

Another fan agreed and suggested: “I think that’s a pretty good idea, especially if it was a family day out or something.

“Seeing Jason and/or Soto take command, or everybody and resolve the situation,” they added.

The user suggested: “I also thought a good episode could be if there was some sort of hostage crisis in the US and the team was sent to advise the FBI Hostage Rescue Team.”

This way the family members could understand the different dangers the soldiers have to undertake for their country.

Fans of the series also wrote that SEAL Team could take notes from another crime drama called The Unit, which dealt with similar military issues.

In the season one finale episode, a wedding was crashed by armed gunmen and the military group present were able to kill the shooters, in front of guests.

Although the SEAL Team’s finale hinted towards many other storylines yet to be explored, perhaps the showrunners could include a battle on home turf.

One important scene featured Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr) finally facing his trauma and agreeing to seek therapy.

He had been hiding the details about what he experienced away from his wife Naima Perry (Parisa Fakhri) and finally decided to tell her in an effort to save their marriage.

Jason had also been suffering from mysterious headaches, fans are yet to find out if this is a result of 20 years on the field and if this will force the Master Chief to step down.

Fans will have to tune into the upcoming instalment to see if the team will finally tackle a battle on home soil.

SEAL Team season 5 premieres on CBS on October 10. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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