Seven EastEnders spoilers for next week including Sharon Watts gets a shocking new lover

EASTENDERS' Sharon Watts is set to have a new love interest in Albert Square next week.

Here’s the lowdown on what will happen next week in Walford.

1. Has Sharon found love again?

Things are changing in the turbulent life of Sharon Watts, as she is set to embark on a new venture, albeit an illegal one as she joins Phil in his money laundering business.

As Sharon anxiously gets ready to launch her new business venture, she tentatively agrees to meet Kheerat for a drink.

But after talking Jean down from trying to land herself in prison to see Stacey, and the arrival of her brother Zack, Sharon is unable to meet Kheerat as planned.

However, she does try to make amends with him later in the week. Could romance be on the cards?

2. Jean is struggling without Stacey

Jean is struggling after learning Stacey left the Square to do time behind bars.

As a result, Jean takes her frustrations out on a delivery van by crashing it, in front of a horrified Mo.

However, Sharon is on the scene and tells the police to back. off and is able to calm Jean down.

3. Zack finally arrives in Albert Square

Sharon's long-lost brother Zack finally arrives in Albert Square after the pair met at their dad Gavin's funeral.

Zack receives a mixed welcome from Sharon when he turns up outside the pub, but he is determined to build a relationship with his sister and, later in the week, insists on buying her breakfast.

While Sharon is talking to Kheerat, Zack swipes her keys and she later catches her brother rifling through her things at her flat, and she’s unsettled when he announces he's discovered that their late dad Gavin left them both something in his will.

4. Ruby discovers some terrible news

Still struggling from her endometriosis diagnosis, Ruby is now looking after Stacey's kids in her absence.

At work, Ruby seemed rattled after learning more dreadful news.

Later, an emotional Ruby explains to Martin that her MRI results came back.

5. Ruby and Lily are at loggerheads

Missing their mum, and believing Ruby had something to do with her leaving, Lily and Hope cut up Ruby's late mother's wedding dress.

Ruby insists that she wants Lily out of her house. Martin, who is stuck in the middle, he encourages Lily to apologise.

Lily offers Ruby a more sincere apology but it appears to be far from over from Lily’s perspective.

6. Kush is worried about Arthur living with Ruby

With Stacey out of the picture, Kush is not happy about Arthur living with Ruby.

Later, Kush overhears Ruby and Martin arguing and Whitney realises that Kush is worried about leaving Arthur when he goes to prison.

Kush visits Ruby about Arthur but she knows he’s only plucked up the courage to speak to her because Martin is out. Kush hits back that he’s happy to tell Martin all her secrets but when Ruby calls his bluff he leaves.

7. Sheree warns Lola again

As Patrick considers a letter about clinical trials for stroke medication, Sheree warns Lola not to let him know about Isaac's condition.

She also tells Lola that the last time her son was heartbroken, he relapsed badly.

Feeling the pressure, Lola confides in Peter about Isaac's schizophrenia – who questions whether she can handle the emotional baggage.

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