Shameless’ Lip Gallagher actor Jody Latham backs call for film version of show

Shameless star Jody Latham has backed calls to make a big screen version of the cult TV series.

Channel 4 is currently showing the dark comedy show, which first aired back in 2004 and ran until 2013, from the beginning.

Its telly comeback has sparked fans of the show to demand the cast reunite and a film version is made.

Now Jody, who played Phillip "Lip" Gallagher, has shared he is keen on a get together with the cast of the show.

He told the MEN: "Why not? Never say never.

"A lot of the serious themes Shameless touched upon are still incredibly relevant today.

"I saw that Luther might be hitting the big screen, maybe we'll be next.

"If there's a story to be told I'm sure Paul will tell it and I've always got time to chat to him."

Shameless won BAFTA and British Comedy awards at the height of its popularity.

The show featured the anarchic Gallagher clan and the fearsome Maguires, who living on a fictional estate in Manchester.

Shameless also began screening on Netflix during lockdown.

Jody went on to play evil pimp Rob Grayson in EastEnders and was reunited with Paul Abbot to star in the police drama No Offence in 2017, is thrilled Channel Four is showing it all over again.

"I've so many fantastic memories of being on Shameless and the reaction on social media has been so lovely to see," he said.

On the show, having a new generation of fans in 2020 he said: "It's crazy! The show was so popular at the time and it seems that this new generation are just as big fans.

"It just goes to show how timeless it is that people still enjoy it in 2020."

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Jody, 38, actually auditioned for two roles – Lip and his younger brother Ian who was played by Gerard Kearns.

"Lip was always the one I wanted," he recalled.

"But ultimately I just thought 'this show is going to be brilliant … whatever the role, get me on it.'"

Jody says he knew straight away that the show, which prompted an American version, would go on to become a big hit.

"The scripts were so fresh and the cast had such incredible chemistry together," he said.

"You just looked around and thought 'this can't not be a hit.'

Having said that, the reaction from fans was still a surprise.

"People were so passionate about it and took the show to their hearts, it was amazing."

He added about life on set: "It sounds cheesy but we really were a proper family."

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