'Squid Game': Park Hae-Soo Will Star in New Crime Thriller K-Drama 'Chimera'

While Korean drama fans and the main cast relish in the success of Squid Game, Park Hae-Soo will star in a new tense crime thriller, Chimera. The actor has received a giant push in his career with the Netflix survival drama but is already slated to star in another K-drama for Oct.

Park will star in the new crime thriller Chimera as a violent crimes detective unearthing the truth behind a heinous serial killer. Actor Claudia Kim joins him as Yoo Jin. Oct. will be a good month for K-drama fans as a list of new dramas are going to premiere, including Chimera.

Park Hae-Soo plays Cho Sang-Woo in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’

There is no denying that Squid Game has taken the world by storm. The brutal survival K-drama turns childhood games into everyone’s worst nightmare. Players can win a grand prize of millions of dollars but with deadly stakes. Park Hae-Soo plays one of the leading characters, Cho Sang-Woo. He, too, joins the Games as he is thousands in debt and sees no other way out of his predicament. Sang-Woo was the pride of his neighborhood and a gifted student.

Sang-Woo is the head of the investment team at a securities company. His life is far from perfect as he is wanted for stealing money from his clients. Fans had high hopes for the character at first. Over time the greed of winning changes people for the worst as his character goes through a surprising twist in Squid Game.

‘Chimera’ trailer depicts the connections to the killer with a double facade

Park was already cast in a new K-drama when Squid Game premiered on Netflix. In late Sept., OCN confirmed their new K-drama Chimera will premiere on Halloween Eve, Oct.30. The drama was originally known under the working title “Chemistry.” It stars Park, Claudia Kim, and Lee Hee-Joon in their main roles. Chimera entails a violent crimes detective named Jae-Hwan (Park) and a criminal profiler named Yoo-Jin. The two characters become involved in solving the mystery behind a serial killer.

A serial killer reawakens 35 years after the initial explosions and series of murders from a case known as “Chimera.” The name comes from the Greek mythological creature comprised of different animals into one. The K-drama’s official trailer reveals more connections to the killer. According to Soompi, a voice narrates the story saying, “An individual with not just one DNA, but two,” and “The monster has awakened.”

In the trailer, Jae-Hwan investigates the killer and his connection to multiple explosions around the city. Chimera depicts an ominous and creepy character dressed in all black and concealing their identity as Jae-Hwan takes a photo of a Chimera drawn on the wall. The K-drama has a tense-filled storyline and criminal case that plagues the main characters.

Park Hae-Soo will star in a K-drama remake of a Netflix hit series

With the success of Squid Game and the upcoming K-drama Chimera, Park has no plans to stop anytime soon. Netflix confirmed earlier this year they are developing a K-drama remake of Money Heist. The Spanish series is a massive success on the streaming platform. Park and a list of well-known actors will star in the remake with the same storyline but instead take place in the Korean peninsula.

Park will play one of the remake’s lead characters named Berlin. In the original series, actor Pedro Alonso plays Berlin. Berlin is a terminally ill jewel thief and the Professor’s (Álvaro Morte) second-in-command and older brother. The Money Heist remake will star actor Yoo Ji-Tae as the Professor, Jeon Jong-Seo, Lee Won-Jong, and more.

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