Squid Game plot hole: No one needed to die in game 5 – heres why

Squid Game official trailer from Netflix

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Squid Game is a brutal and bizarre experience, as the characters are thrust into a series of child-like challenges all in the bid to win billions of Korean won. However, unlike normal games, the cost of failure is death, with casualties rising almost immediately. Yet, in game five, Netflix viewers have noticed a plot hole that could have saved everybody’s lives.

What happened in game five?

The fifth game saw the players face a bridge, yet unsurprisingly there was a deadly catch.

Each player had to choose a number from one to 16, and then they were told to cross the bridge in that order.

The twists come from the fact that each player has to jump on one of two glass panels that the bridge consists of.

However, only one of the panels is strong enough to support their weight.

As a result, the players that cross the bridge first are more likely to fall to their deaths by jumping on the panel.

16 players enter the fifth game, but only three make it out alive. 

Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) ended up with position 16 after all the other places were chosen by the other places.

Most of the players die during this game, as it is largely based on luck where a player falls.

One player soon realises a way to tell the different glasses apart though, leading to fans questioning the game overall.

Why did no one need to die in game five?

Taking to Reddit, one user pointed out that the game is inherently unfair, and that it was different from all the other games on the show because of it.

User Hoenndex wrote: “Finished the series, anyone else thinks game 5 was inherently unfair?

“All the other games were about skill or being better than your opponent.

“Green light red light was simple, the honeycomb game was about patience, tug of war required strength unless you knew the strategy, marbles was all about being better at the game than the other person.

“But the bridge? All luck, no skill. How is that a fair competition? When someone finally discovered a trick to the game, the front man turned off the lights.” (sic)

Other users seemed to agree, with Zzzxxzczz adding: “I felt the same about the bridge. Game 1 and 2 are the fairest. Game 5 is just straight-up murder for everyone whose number is not at the end.” (sic)

The trick to beat the game was discovered by a player that used to work in a glass factory for 30 years.

He explains that the difference between tempered glass and normal glass can be seen through the light at a certain angle.

However, once the VIPs realise they have discovered the trick, they shut the lights off completely, once again making it impossible to tell how to cross.

It seems the only solution to the game is made impossible once it is discovered, putting into doubt the validity of all the games on the series.

Despite this, as the show showcases millionaires watching poor people die for entertainment, it is hard to complain about the fairness of the games played.

Yet, this last-minute switch in the game puts it apart from all the others in the series.

Squid Game is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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