Strike: Lethal White viewers slam BBC drama's dodgy Welsh accents and brand nightclub scene 'least convincing rave ever'

STRIKE: Lethal White viewers have slammed the BBC drama's dodgy Welsh accents and branded a nightclub scene the 'least convincing rave ever'.

The series sees Cormoran Strike and his detective partner, Robin Ellacott, return to solve more grisly crimes in London.

However, viewers have taken issue with a number of elements of the show, which is based on the books by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling under the pen name Robert Galbraith.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer flagged an issue with the pronunciation of Welsh words and names.

They wrote: "What is it about TV and Welsh pronunciations? Strike, Lethal White. Nobody seems to be able to pronounce the name Geraint correctly. The stress is on first syllable not the second. Grrrr."

Meanwhile a rave scene caught the attention of another viewer, for all the wrong reasons.

They tweeted: "Watching Strike- Lethal White on iPlayer and have just witnessed the least convincing rave in a television drama since Inspector Morse. And the least convincing lefties since GBH."

While some viewers picked apart specific scenes or moments, others took to Twitter to just complain about the 'confusing' series in general.

One wrote: "strike nation how are we feeling with the lethal white episodes? i'm losing my goddamn mind."

Another added: "I agree, I am totally confused too by all the names being bandied about. I have to say @BBC are to blame too by their scheduling!"

A third tweeted: "Does anyone know what is going on in Strike – Lethal White?? Wondering whether to tune in and spend another hour going ‘whaa?’ as brain works overtime."

There comments come after fellow viewers previously threatened to 'switch off' as they had 'no idea what is going on' with the plot.

Strike: Lethal White continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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