Teary Susanna Reid calls for longer sentence for Arthur Labinjo-Hughes killers

Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Martin Lewis discussed the death of six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes after his father and his partner were sentenced.

The host stated that she believes the sentence should be extended as she said that "anything" should be done to make the change.

Arthur, 6, died in June last year following horrific abuse from Thomas Hughes and Emma Tustin who are said to have "taken advantage" of the Covid restrictions.

It was reported that Tustin beat him to death after the pair "tortured, poisoned and starved" Arthur.

Hughes was sentenced to 21 years in prison for manslaughter, while Tustin was given 29 years for murder.

Susanna has joined numerous people in feeling as though the sentence is not strong enough, but stated that she's usually someone who thinks that people should be forgiven – but she has felt very strongly about the case.

Martin started the conversation as he said he didn't believe it was "right that politicians get involved in the sentencing" aside from using the guidelines.

She said on the show: "Do you know what, I'm normally very liberal when it comes to justice. I normally think that people should be forgiven because mercy is important and second chances are important, and I feel the same as the grandfather in the case of this little boy.

"If anyone watches that video of Arthur on the day he died when he's struggling to pick up his duvet and he cries, 'nobody loves me', I think every single parent in this country would pick that little boy up and take him out of that house and take him into their own house."

Susanna added: "The idea that anyone could treat him the way that they treated him."

She told Martin that ordinarily she would agree with her co-host regarding the sentencing, but she added: "But in this case I feel that anything that can be done to change those sentences should be done."

However, Martin stated that he doesn't "disagree", but he added: "That is perhaps why we have the judiciary making sentences when we are so emotionally involved and attached and we have guidelines and we have a process."

He said that if the process should be changed, it should be a change across the board.

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