Teen Mom Ashley Jones SLAMS trolls who claim she 'goes out too much' and snaps 'b***h, I'll be whoever I want to be!’

TEEN Mom star Ashley Jones blasted trolls for claiming that, as a mom, she “goes out too much.”

The 24-year-old reality shares daughter Holly, three, with baby daddy Bar Smith and told followers that she has “an identity outside of being a mom.”

After seeing some trolls slamming her for going out and partying, as well as for wearing tight and tiny clothing in her Instagram photos, Ashley clapped back.

In a few videos on her Instagram Story, the mother of one began, while sitting in her car, that she wanted to “encourage all moms to live their best f**king life.” 

She suggested that others also “put on that little a** tiny shirt, put on them tight jeans, put on them heels, and step.”

Ashley blasted people for trying to make her and fellow moms “feel bad for having a personality outside of mom.” 

“B***h, my name is not Capri Sun-getter,” the Teen Mom said. “I have have an identity outside of being a mom, and I can be whoever the f**k I wanna be as long as my kid is taken care of. 

“And my kid is. So, case in point, b***h, I’ll see you at the club on Saturday.”

Later on, while hanging out at home, Ashley added that she feels like young moms don’t take enough “time to be” both “young and a parent.”

This leads them to be “bitter in the future,” she claimed.

Ashley continued: “And they’re like, ‘Oh, gave up my young years for you. I couldn’t do [anything] because I had you.’ 

“Babe, I’m not going to be that. I’m not going to be her. I’m going to live me.”

Meanwhile, Ashley’s fans recently gushed over her sweet daughter, saying how Holly looks just like her mom.

Baby daddy Bar shared an adorable snap of him and his daughter appearing to ride a horse together on a carousel.

The three-year-old girl had both hands holding onto the pole, and Bar smiled as Holly pouted her lips at the camera. 

Bar captioned the sweet snap: "When time stops, and the world ends, it’ll just be us."

One fan said: "She is a clone of Ashley haha."

Another fan wrote: "She is her mommy's twin in this pic!"

A third person stated: "Beautiful pic! She is definitely @ashleysiren's twin in this photo!"

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