Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry slammed as a 'hypocrite' for saying she wouldn't date a man with kids despite having four sons

KAILYN Lowry is being slammed as a 'hypocrite' for saying on social media and her podcast that she wouldn't date a man with kids despite having four children of her own.

The Teen Mom 2 star posted a meme on Instagram that read: "When he fine but you click on his profile and he got one of them things that eat chicken nuggets," referring to kids.

Kailyn added: "If you listen to @babymamasnodramapodcast you know this is how I feel," with a laughing-with-tears emoji.

Although the comment appeared light-hearted on the MTV star's end, fans on Reddit, where the post was re-shared, weren't amused.

One user wrote: "I just want to know why she finds her seriously negative traits soooo quirky and funny."

Another user commented: "I like how she thinks she can afford to be this picky. I cannot believe she has four kids before 30 and thinks she's too good to date someone with one child. Who does she think she is?"

A third comment read: "Does Kail know she has 4 things that eat chicken nuggets? I feel like she forgets that."

"When you click on Kail and find out not only does she have 4 chicken nugget eaters but also 3 baby daddies- girl please," a Reddit user wrote.

Kailyn was repeatedly called a "hypocrite" and "hypocritical." Several commenters noted that it's "a red flag."

Her opinions on dating aren't the only reason the MTV star has been making headlines lately.


She recently faced major backlash after sharing a glimpse inside her massive Delaware home, which is in the process of being built.

Kailyn shared clips showing what will be one of the bathrooms in the home, showcasing some floor tiles layed out.

The tiled appeared to have a distressed look, which fans didn't like.

Kailyn captioned the post: "You'll either love it or hate it there's no in between."

Reddit users wasted no time bashing the design, with one writing: "I thought this was broken tile, this is awful."

Another fan pointed out: "looks like the kids already scribbled all over it lol"

That comment was echoed by someone else on the Reddit thread, who wrote: "It looks like one of her kids scribbled across the floor. Imagine having so much money that you buy… this."

Kailyn also posted a look at another bathroom in the house, which will be shared by her sons.

That bathroom featured a more traditional tile.

Updates on the house picked up in October. Kailyn shared the building process. on her Instagram Stories.

She wrote at the time: "People have messaged me asking for a house update.

"Unfortunately, I wish I could say that there is more of an update, but there's just really not.

"It looks like they're starting the insulation process… like this is new laundry stuff."

She walked around the house, pointing out where things will go: "They got like the wiring in… This is the game room/playroom.

"This is in the main room, great room, and this is going to be a custom shelf unit."


The construction has not come without its challenges.

As Kailyn entered what will be her sons' bedrooms, she noted: "We're upstairs and the one thing I did not think about when doing the blueprints is TVs on the walls. So my kids haven't always had TVs in their rooms.

"But now that Isaac will be 12, I wanted to plan whereto put the TVs on the walls. So Lincoln's room has a good wall to put a TV on, and Isaac also has one, but Creed and Lux don't have… the setup is a little bit weird.

"Not by anyone's fault. It's just not something I thought about. If we put the bed or crib here, and someone is laying down, there's no wall, because the door here is for the bathroom and then the closet and then the actual door. There's nowhere to put a TV. So same thing for Lux's room.

"We would put the bed right here. So if someone is laying down here… that's the closet. That goes into the bathroom and then that goes out. So the only option would be to put a TV here and then come out like a swivel."

Kailyn's home remains a work in progress.

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