'The Bachelor': Fans Are Telling Cassie Randolph to 'Put a Shirt On' After This Instagram Photo

With Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette nearing its end, it’s hard to believe how long it’s been since Colton Underwood took center stage as the star of The Bachelor. We remember many of the women who vied for Colton’s attention throughout the season, and we’ll never forget the infamous fence jump he committed when Cassie Randolph rejected him toward the end of the show.

We know now that Colton chased after Cassie and won her affection in the end — and today, the two seem to be getting along better than ever as they continue to discuss a future engagement. Unfortunately, Cassie can’t seem to escape criticism from her Instagram followers — and this time, they have an issue with the way she dresses.

Cassie Randolph has been the subject of public scrutiny in the past

From her past with reality television to her ultra-close bond she has with her sister, Cassie has been criticized for many aspects of her life since attaining fame for being Colton’s girlfriend. She recently posted to Instagram some sponsored content for skincare products, for example, and it deeply upset many of her followers. “We all know you don’t use that since it always changes,” one fan commented, and another added, “It’s probably better to take skincare advice from your local dermatologist, not a reality tv star.”

Fans have also taken issue with how close Cassie and her sister are. Cassie and Michelle are frequently taking photos together and posting them online, and many think Cassie would rather spend time with Michelle than Colton. On a now-deleted video that Cassie and Michelle shared of their Coachella trip, one fan commented, “Cassie, are you dating your sister or Colton? It’s hard to tell.” It appears the sisters initially intended to continue their YouTube channel, but perhaps because of the backlash, they bailed on this idea.

Fans are displeased by the outfit she’s wearing on Instagram

It seems Cassie’s followers are now taking to her Instagram to share how they feel about the way she dresses, too. On a recent post, Cassie shared a series of photos of her with her sister and Colton. “Stumbled upon the inspo for my future yard decor!” she captioned the post. Unfortunately, fans weren’t focused on the decor. They zeroed-in on Cassie’s choice of outfit.

“Put a shirt on under that outfit please! Colton is too classy to have someone that dresses trashy!” one of her followers commented on the post. And another questioned, “Is Cassie still considering herself single?” Others even took it upon themselves to suggest that Cassie was just using Colton for fame. “He had so many that wanted him and he choose the girl that just wants the spotlight [sic],” another added.

Cassie’s real fans still stood up for her and her choice of outfit, however. “Some of the comments oh my gosh – ignore them. You look beautiful Cass! Beautiful sisters and beautiful couple,” a supporter wrote.

A few of her followers have also said her posts go against her faith

It’s well-known that Cassie and her entire family are quite religious. Before Cassie was on The Bachelor, she participated in Young Once, a reality show about life at the ultra-Christian school, Biola University. And she’s discussed her faith online in the past, too.

Unfortunately, some of her Instagram posts of the past have had some fans questioning her commitment to God. On this photo of her and her sister, one fan wrote, “This definitely is not what God would want to see. Double standard.” Another simply added, “I’m a fan of you and Colton but this is not very flattering to you and your sister.”

Judging from Cassie’s decision to delete her YouTube channel, it seems some of the critics may have gotten to her before. Hopefully, she’ll keep doing as she pleases and ignores the body-shamers!

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