The Bachelorette Premiere Recap: Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey Cancel First Rose Ceremony

In the unprecedented season, Gabby and Rachel are leading the long-running ABC dating competition series together as they embark in their journeys to find love.

AceShowbiz -The new season 19 of “The Bachelorette” kicked off on Monday, July 11. Marked as an unprecedented season, the new installment featured Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia leading the show together as they embarked in their journeys to find love.

After meeting with the 32 men outside of Bachelor Mansion, both ladies tried to get to know the men better at the cocktail party ahead of the first rose ceremony. At the cocktail party, Rachel had some time alone with Tino. They even shared a romantic kiss on the stairs.

“I’m so happy to finally get a kiss tonight,” Rachel shared. “Tino is definitely the romantic connection I’ve been hoping to have and it’s what I’ve been waiting for. I feel better than ever about finding my future partner.”

For her first impression rose, Rachel unsurprisingly gave it to Tino. Tino accepted the rose and they kissed again. “I’m immediately attracted to Tino,” she gushed over Tino, who arrived on a forklift. “I don’t really think anyone can top Tino’s entrance.”

Meanwhile, Gabby presented her first impression rose to Mario, who was also the first guy she kissed. “I was really excited to talk to Mario,” she said. “He’s a great kisser. He’s kind of giving me butterflies.”

“I’m excited Gabby and I got off on the right foot,” Mario raved. “As the weeks go on, hopefully we can continue to build that connection. I’m pumped. I gotta keep this momentum going.”

Prior to Rose Ceremony, Gabby and Rachel pulled Roby and twins Joey and Justin. “We’ve kind of come to the decision that there might not be a connection there for us,” Rachel told all three of them on her and Gabby’s behalf. The ladies then revealed to the group that they sent Roby and the twins home after talking to them earlier in the night.

Not stopping there, Gabby and Rachel decided to cancel the rose ceremony. “Tonight, we felt like we didn’t have enough time to really get to know you all and that would be doing ourself and you all a disservice,” Gabby shared. “So we are asking you to move forward with us and cancel the rose ceremony tonight.”

“For those of you we didn’t speak with tonight, we look forward to getting to know you better next week,” Rachel told the remaining guys.

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