The Bay creator teases major season 3 changes Its like a new show

The Bay: Lisa and Manning interview forensic accountant

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The Bay may be situated in a typically peaceful seaside town but the first two seasons have shown there’s a darker side to Morecambe. The ITV drama is returning for a third season which will begin on Wednesday, January 12, at 9pm. However, fans are going to see it won’t be quite the same as series one and two.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Bay.

Unlike other crime dramas, The Bay doesn’t simply revolve around the detectives investigating a suspicious death.

The ITV series instead zooms in on the role of the family liaison officer who is assigned to families who have had a loved one killed.

For the first two series, DS Lisa Armstrong (played by Morven Christie) was at the centre of The Bay as the liaison officer.

Sadly, it was the beginning of the end for Lisa as she will not be in the third season.

In the season two premiere, it was discovered Lisa had been demoted because of her questionable actions in the first series.

Lisa was vital in catching scrapyard boss Frank Mercer (Owen McDonnell) who had hired someone to kill Stephen Marshbrook (Stephen Tompkinson).

However, there was drama in Lisa’s personal life as well as she found out her estranged husband had been in a relationship with another woman and had another child.

This, combined with the demotion, ultimately pushed Lisa to move away from Morecambe for good.

In real life, it was actress Christie’s decision to leave The Bay but despite the upheaval, the masterminds behind the series have taken it as a new opportunity.

Speaking to press, including, screenwriter Daragh Carville said: “Obviously, it was a big change. You know, when when we learned that Morgan was moving on, that was a huge kind of shift.

“And personally, I felt it was it was very sad because she’s so brilliant in the show and she brought so much to that character and I love writing for, for her and for Lisa.”

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Carville continued: “But at the same time, it was kind of an opportunity to sort of reinvent things and to kind of refresh the show.

“To see what else you know we could do with this world, with these stories.

“So it was kind of a combination of things. On the one hand, it is really exciting to welcome Marsha [Thomason].

“It’s very much the same show. It’s very much the same bag again. But it’s almost like a new show too. So that was really exciting.”

To replace Christie, ITV has cast actress Marsha Thomason as the new lead role portraying DS Jenn Townsend.

And by the sound of the synopsis, she will have her work cut out for her from the very start.

The description reads: “DS Townsend is immediately thrown into the deep end when a body is found in the bay on her first day in the job.

“She must get under the skin of a grieving and complicated family if she has any chance of solving the premature death of an aspiring young boxer.”

The Bay season 3 starts on Wednesday, January 12, at 9pm on ITV.

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