The Bay viewers frustrated as they slam forgetful Dean Metcalf

The Bay: Metcalf family devastated by fire

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On Wednesday night, the second instalment of the ITV crime-drama continued as DS Jenn Townsend (played by Marsha Thomason) tried to solve the mystery surrounding Beth Metcalf’s (Victoria Elliot) death. However, as husband Dean (Joe Armstrong) seemed to forget to tell the police vital information, viewers think he’s up to no good.

Season four of the ITV show kicked off with a tragic house fire that resulted in the death of Beth after she managed to get her children to safety.

After the mum had seen a figure walking away from the property beforehand, the police believe their house may have been targeted and set about investigating who would want to hurt the family and why.

During the second episode, Jenn and her team delved into Metcalf’s personal life as they discovered Beth had been looking into divorce lawyers before dying.

The police also learnt Dean hadn’t handed over his second phone which he had no intention of telling them about before his daughter accidentally revealed he had two devices.

Questioning why he didn’t say it beforehand, Dean nonchalantly said he had forgotten before giving it to them as part of the investigation.

As Dean and Beth were having money troubles, Jenn questioned him on how he was able to afford rented equipment at work after seeing his financial books.

Angry the police had delved into his personal life, he confessed he had taken a loan out from a man as the DS fumed that he hadn’t told her he owed money to a loan shark.

After seeing Dean constantly forget to tell the police vital information which could help with the case, viewers quickly took to social media to share their thoughts.

DebbieBlackma14 commented: “’Forgot’ about the marriage counsellor too.”

Spenner83 slammed: “He didn’t realise he’d need a death certificate. Really?”

Signoramac added: “Oh come on Dean…you can’t be that stupid.”

Signoramac later commented: “Dean is rather naive about what the police can do.”

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Angelathompson5 tweeted in response: “He’s also a compulsive liar.”

DebbieBlackma14 questioned: “Your wife’s been murdered and you ‘forgot’ about your phone #TheBay #TheBay4”

_erica_lewis replied: “& the loan shark! He seems quite forgetful”

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers saw Dean try and close Beth’s bank account and get any money that was left inside, although the officials told him he wasn’t able to without a death certificate.

Dean was seen losing his temper right before the end of the episode as the police prow further into his life, in a rage he punched a hole in his living room door scaring his children with his behaviour.

A synopsis for the next episode reads: “As the Metcalf children struggle to come to terms with their loss, CCTV evidence leads to a major development in the case.

“Meanwhile, Karen and Jenn attempt to secure a new home for the Metcalf family when an unexpected arrival at a fundraising event causes old tensions to resurface.”

The Bay continues Wednesdays on ITV from 9pm

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