'The Challenge 37': Amber B. Explains Why She Didn't Go Into Elimination After Volunteering

After winning last season, Amber Borzotra returned for The Challenge 37, still unable to find a solid alliance. She also got into it with a couple of rookies, including Esther Agunbiade and Berna Canbeldek, and wanted to personally eliminate the latter. Although she volunteered, the former winner remained safe, confusing many viewers who didn’t understand how she avoided the Lair. Following the episode, the two-time competitor revealed why she didn’t go into elimination.

Amber Borzotra wanted to throw herself into elimination but didn’t

While it’s unclear where the distrust between returning champ Amber Borzotra and rookie Berna Canbeldek began, the two never got along during their time on The Challenge 37.

In episode 6, Berna had a confessional where she explained she felt Amber B. played a sneaky game. A couple of episodes later, the tension came to a head when it became clear Berna would go into the Lair as the house vote.

Therefore, Amber B. claimed she wanted to personally send her nemesis home and switch partners, choosing her fling, Jeremiah White. The ladies later got into a heated exchange when everyone gathered for deliberation, and the majority voted in Berna as planned.

However, The Agency, consisting of CT Tamburello and Emy Alupei, chose Priscilla Anyabu and Jeremiah as their opponents instead.

She later explained why she avoided the Lair

When Amber didn’t go into elimination after she volunteered, many fans wondered why. Several agreed with Kaycee Clark, who claimed that she knew the returning winner would later change her mind in a confessional.

The Big Brother star addressed the situation in an Oct. 2 tweet after the episode, explaining CT, her partner last season when she won, refused to throw her into the Lair.

According to Amber, the multi-season champ informed her that it “wasn’t good for the game” at the time. Additionally, she noted her then-teammate, Devin Walker, claimed they would choose someone else who they knew could eliminate Berna.

Therefore, the returning champ didn’t go into elimination, even though she claimed she wanted to do so. Amber ended her explanation with, “it’s the things you don’t see, people.”

The returning champ went home the following week

After sending Berna home, Priscilla attempted to turn her luck around as a rookie by choosing Josh Martinez as her partner.

The move split up a veteran pair and ultimately ruined their pact to protect each other as each team now consisted of a returning competitor. Therefore, they had to turn on each other faster than planned.

As they noticed Cory Wharton working with rookie Jeremiah during the challenge, the veterans teamed up against him first, and he found himself in elimination. Deeming her the least trustworthy, Nany González and Logan Sampedro threw Amber into the Lair, alongside her beau, Jeremiah.

After starting out strong, the couple lost to Cory and his partner Bettina Buchanan, sending the love birds home together. The loss comes as her first elimination defeat in four trips. The Challenge 37: Spies, Lies, and Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.

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