'The Challenge': Beth Stolarczyk Says Elimination Rules Changed to Favor Another Team

Following a decade-long break, Beth Stolarczyk returned for The Challenge: All-Stars and seemed to play a good game. Although a bad daily mission performance resulted in her elimination presence, she didn’t have to compete as Arissa Hill quit. However, The Challenge star landed in the subsequent elimination and ultimately went home due to a twist. After the episode, Beth broadcasted live on Instagram, where she claimed the producers changed the elimination rules to favor their competitors.

Beth Stolarczyk returned for ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

During her rookie season, The Real World: Los Angeles star Beth Stolarczyk finished the Real World/Road Rules Challenge (1999) as a finalist.

She returned six more times but has yet to compete in another final.

The seven-time competitor played her best game in The Gauntlet 2 (2006) as she eliminated two competitors and had a shot at possibly winning.

However, Beth quit due to an elimination she felt went against her morals. The veteran last competed over 10 years ago in The Gauntlet 3 (2008) but decided to return for a spinoff featuring only old school competitors, All-Stars.

She went home during episode five

The 52-year-old began the season strong, winning the first group competition. However, because Beth served as the losing team’s captain, she had to face elimination.

Initially, she called out Kendal Sheppard, but Katie Cooley volunteered because she didn’t compete due to her fear of heights. As the winning team captain, Mark Long won the coveted Life Saver, giving him the ability to save anyone.

He decided to test the power by saving Katie, not knowing the group would have to nominate the replacement immediately. Beth noted she wanted to face Arissa Hill, and the majority respected her wishes. However, Mark Long previously promised Arissa safety before knowing how they would choose the other competitor for elimination.

Therefore, she felt backstabbed and quit, giving Beth the win. Unfortunately, the 52-year-old found herself in another Arena the following episode.

Beth said the elimination rules were changed to favor another team

For the next daily mission, Beth partnered up with her longtime friend Syrus Yarbough, but they had difficulty solving the puzzle, finishing last. Therefore, Syrus ended up in elimination that night against house vote Alton Williams.

While Alton was able to choose his partner, Beth automatically had to pair with Syrus because they competed together during the mission. Unfortunately, mainly due to Syrus’ injured ankle, she and her friend were eliminated.

Following the Apr. 29 episode, Beth spoke about the season on Instagram Live, calling it one of the best she’s ever competed because of the other “decent” competitors. Even though she had a great experience and wants to return, the 52-year-old claimed producers changed the elimination, she feels intentional, to include jumping off “at the last minute.”

Beth noted she believes they could’ve won if it didn’t feature the jumping portion as she felt she kept up with Aneesa. Additionally, the veteran explained she didn’t know why she had to compete with Syrus as she thought he should’ve chosen on a male elimination day. Regardless, the seven-time player noted she’s “proud” of her performance.

The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.

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