The Crown’s Prince Charles star shares first look at project away from Netflix series

Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor discuss working together in the Crown

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After starring in seasons three and four of The Crown as Prince Charles, actor Josh O’Connor will be stepping away from Netflix’s royal series to star in a new film. Titled Mothering Sunday, fans have got the first look with the release of an official trailer.

On The Crown, Josh portrayed Prince Charles during, in the eyes of the public, one of the most monumental moments of his life.

Through the actor, viewers got an insight into the Royal Family and the inner workings of his relationship with Princess Diana (played by Emma Corrin).

Although their eventual divorce was incredibly public, many fans didn’t know how they first got together or how their relationship fared behind closed doors.

As the Netflix streamers await the release of season five, Josh shared a first look at his brand new project away from The Crown.

He will be joining the star-studded cast of Mothering Sunday for an all-new British drama, which is expected to be released in November.

The historical film will follow a housemaid as she sneaks off to engage in a forbidden romance with her secret lover – who happens to be married.

Set in 1924, the housemaid (Odessa Young) happened to be alone during Mother’s day when her employers Mr and Mrs Niven (Colin Firth and Olivia Colman) went out.

With her newfound and extremely rare freedom, she decided to spend time with her lover Paul (Josh O’Connor).

However, problems arise because Paul’s wife is a childhood friend and the daughter of his parents’ friends.

The trailer provided more into the film with Donald (Sope Dirisu) asking Jane when she became a writer.

She responded: “Three times over, “ and lists, “the day I was born, the day Mr Paxton gave me my typewriter “, “and the third?” Donald interjected, “it’s a secret.” she cryptically replied.

Mothering Sunday was an important day for Jane as she was an orphan and wanted to spend it with her lover of seven years.

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However, the only reason she had a day off was because the Nivens were out for lunch with friends celebrating Paul’s engagement.

The trailer also showed everyone sitting at the table, with an empty seat waiting where Paul was supposed to be.

Although they excused his lateness, unbeknownst to them he was spending time at the house with Jane.

Fans will have to tune in to the film to see how this will play out in June and what it’ll mean for her future with Paul.

Mothering Sunday is based on the critically acclaimed best-selling novel of the same name written by Graham Swift.

As fans await the premiere of The Crown, it was announced Josh would not be reprising his role as Prince Charles.

Instead, Dominic West is set to portray the Prince of Wales in season 5 with Elizabeth Debicki playing Princess Diana.

The upcoming instalment is set to highlight the breakdown of their marriage, how it played out in the public and the fatal accident.

The Crown seasons 1- 4 are available to stream on Netflix.

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