The Grand Tours Jeremy Clarkson leaps out of moving car for risky Amazon stunt

The Grand Tour: Official trailer for Carnage A Trois

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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May returned for another special last month in Amazon Prime Video’s answer to Top Gear. Showing off an eclectic collection of French automobiles in new special Carnage A Trois, Jeremy thrilled fans of The Grand Tour with his athletic prowess by leaping onto the road from his moving Citroën.

In Carnage A Trois, Jeremy and the team showed off some of the most bizarre engineering choices the French have made to their cars over the years.

The former Top Gear presenter opened the new episode by taking a look inside the Citroën CX Safari.

He claimed: “This is perhaps the most ‘French’ French car of them all.”

Although the model was hard to track down, as production stopped in 1991, Jeremy admitted it was well worth the effort.

Despite the vehicle’s smooth ride, the interior design was out of whack with what the seasoned petrolhead was used to.

In addition to indicators that don’t self-cancel and an awkwardly placed cassette player, Jeremy found the brakes could be potentially hazardous.

He explained: “It’s as though Citroën’s engineers looked at what everyone else was doing in the 1970s, and then did something else.”

The host went on to reveal one of the biggest problems with the CX Safari – its unforgiving brakes.

“Even the brake pedal’s weird,” he fumed.

“Because it’s effectively a switch – the brakes are on or they’re off.”

“It’s just about impossible to use it properly,” he claimed, gradually slowing the car down.

He then began to unclip his seatbelt and open the door as he proposed an alternative solution.

Jeremy said: “Probably easier when you get to your destination to just do a George Michael.”

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The presenter proceeded to lean out of the car and seemingly fell face-first onto the empty road.

The TV star’s cheeky quip refers to a 2013 incident in which the singer tumbled out onto the M1 motorway due to a problem with the passenger door.

As the camera remained firmly on Jeremy, it seems there’s no doubt he actually pulled off the stunt, though some fans were unsure.

A solution may have been found by Redditor _noncomposmentis, who claimed to have spotted a clue that explains how the stunt was pulled off.

They explained: “See the two curved lines in the reflection of the windscreen? One of them is the reflection off the windowsill of the driver side door. The other is the edge of [a trailer].

“The lighting is WAY too good to be artificial so that rules out green screen IMHO. It’s 100% a trailer or some other low-tech rigging.” (sic)

Rather than risk a serious injury, the iconic presenter probably kept himself safe by falling onto a fixed platform rather than the road itself.

However Jeremy managed to jump out of a moving Citroën, he was thankfully able to dust himself off and will be back with Richard and James for more mayhem soon.

The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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