'The Real World: Atlanta' Cast Says Reboot on Why the Series Is More Important Now Than Ever (Exclusive Video)

“If the seven of us from completely different backgrounds from completely different viewpoints can come together and talk, so can America.”

"The Real World: Atlanta" cast says their house a "very good representation" of America today — and if they can settle their issues, so can the rest of us.

In an interview with TooFab at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, the stars of the relaunched Facebook Watch series — Yasmin Almokhamad, Arely Avitua, Clint Wright, Dondre Randolph, Meagan Melancon and Tovah Marx — opened up about why the show is important today.

As in seasons past, "The Real World: Atlanta" cast is a diverse one, including a pansexual African-American Trump supporter to a single mom who is a DACA recipient. According to the housemates, their differences and contradictory political views are what make the show more timely than ever.

"It’s really important because we live in America and the political climate is crazy, but at the end of the day, one thing that I have took away is that every single person just wants respect and love," said Almokhamad, who is a pansexual art teacher from NYC. "And I think if we walked through every single day in this society, we could create so much change by just treating people with respect and love."

Marx, a social worker from Arizona, added, "I think it was important to show that like if the seven of us from completely different backgrounds from completely different viewpoints can come together and talk, so can America."

Melancon, a Catholic virgin waiting until marriage to do the deed, also chimed in saying, "I definitely think the house was a very good representation of what America is today."

When asked what surprised them the most about being on the show, after watching it growing up the series on MTV, many of them said it felt like being part of a members only club.

"It’s very a certain experience that you go through," said Melancon. "Everyone thinks that we just always go out and party and that is not the case. We are very much at home a lot and talking a lot and getting a lot of stuff out there and just chit chatting. So it’s not what you think, how it comes off when you watch the show."

Almokhamad added, "The fact that it’s actually a really only a shared experience with people who have been on ‘The Real World.’ You know what I mean? It’s almost like we’re all a family even though you don’t know the people because only we know what every single person has gone through."

Randolph also weighed in: "I will have to say just dynamic of learning from everybody’s culture and the controversial issues that come up and just hearing each side of everybody’s story and seeing how we handle it and how past seasons also handled it as well."

Check out the video above to see which past seasons of the show were their favorites. "The Real World: Atlanta" airs Thursdays on Facebook Watch.

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