The Towers Lizzie Adama star feared Emmett Scanlan would be too intense

The Tower: ITV release trailer for new police drama series

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The Tower aired its first instalment of the gripping three-part series on ITV on Monday. The drama follows Detective Sergeant Sarah Collins (played by Gemma Whelan) as she investigates the circumstances surrounding the deaths of a teenager and a police officer who fell off an east London tower block. Prior to the series landing, Tahirah Sharif, who plays rookie officer Lizzie Adama, admitted she feared her co-star Emmett Scanlan would be “too intense” to work with. 

Tahirah, who has starred in The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix, plays rookie police officer Lizzie Adama in The Tower. 

The storyline follows DS Collins investigating the deaths of a veteran police officer and a teenage girl who fell off a tower block. 

However, her investigation is made infinitely more difficult when the key witness Lizzie disappears hours after the incident. 

Detective Inspector Kieran Shaw (Emmett Scanlan) is Lizzie’s boss who is tasked with finding out what happened to her while he keeps an eye on DS Collins. 

Ahead of The Tower landing on ITV, Tahirah spoke to and other publications about being apprehensive about working with Peaky Blinders star Emmett.

When asked what the Irish actor was like to work with, Tahirah quipped: “It was really difficult – I’m joking, it wasn’t.

“I’d never met Emmett before but I’d seen his work and stuff and he does tend to play quite intense characters.”

Emmett has starred in the BBC Two crime drama The Fall and is perhaps best known for playing Hollyoaks villain Brendan Brady. 

Tahirah continued: “And I remember having the read through over Zoom and thinking, ‘Oh god he’s a bit intense.’

“And then I think I emailed him or emailed me and as I was cast very late there wasn’t time to meet and greet everyone before I got to the set. 

“And I think I emailed him to say, ‘Are you a bit intense because I’m a little bit nervous?'”

The actress explained she wanted to be upfront and honest with Emmett and was relieved when he replied with a “funny” email. 

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She added: “Instantly I thought, ‘OK, I’m cool, he can take a joke and I can make a joke so we are going to be absolutely fine.’

“And thank god we were because we got onto the set that first week and we just hit the ground running. 

“It was very, very intense during scenes but I was so thankful as I can be quite nervous and awkward at times.” 

The star, who continued to be open about her anxieties about joining the cast, explained that Emmett “made everything very easy”. 

“He provided a lot of much-needed laughter in between takes as we were dealing with such heavy subject matter which then took us out of our heads and stopped us overthinking so we could meet in the moment,” Tahirah added. 

“He just made the job so much easier because he was able to give so much so you were just bouncing back off of each other and I really enjoyed working with him.” 

The Tower, which has been adapted from the first series of detective novels by Kate London, is being aired over three consecutive nights on ITV. 

The Tower continues tonight (Tuesday) on ITV at 9pm. 

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