The View Roasted for Not Asking Hugh Grant About Viral Rude Oscars Interview With Ashley Graham

The co-hosts of the morning talk show are called ‘spineless’ for failing to make the ‘Notting Hill’ actor address the viral interview with the model during his appearance on the show.

AceShowbizHugh Grant stopped by “The View” after being called out for his rude attitude during an Oscars interview with Ashley Graham. The co-hosts of the morning talk show, however, failed to make the “Notting Hill” actor address the viral interview during his appearance on the show on Thursday, March 16.

Grant, who stopped in to promote the film “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves“, talked about how nervous he was appearing as a presenter at the 2023 Academy Awards as well as the scrotum joke. “I was nervous. I wrote that joke and I was extremely nervous about it. I think I got away with it,” Grant said, referring to his comment that he looked like “basically a scrotum” when compared to Andie MacDowell‘s unlined complexion.

Sigourney Weaver said to me afterwards, ‘You don’t look like a scrotum,’ and she liked the joke, so that relaxed me a bit,” he added. “The View” co-hosts later gave Grant a bottle of moisturizer as Whoopi Goldberg claimed that his joke was “funny as hell.”

Viewers were not happy that the hosts didn’t bring up his rude Oscars interview with Graham. “how could you not address the Ashley Graham interview with Hugh grant?” one viewer said. “I’m guessing he said he didn’t want to discuss it which unfortunately makes me feel he’s as arrogant as I thought he might be. #TheView.”

Another critic called the co-hosts “spineless” as writing, “Spineless no one asked about Oscars Red Carpet interview.” Someone else added, “So, I guess Hugh Grant went to the #TheView with the agreement not to touch what happened with him and Ashley Graham? Because not a word, let alone a sentence!”

“Wait, WHAT?! They didn’t ask him about that VERY RUDE interaction he had with Ashley Graham on the Oscars Red Carpet?! THAT WAS THE MOMENT to ask the question: ‘WHY?! BEHAVE LIKE THAT?!’ ” another viewer commented on the show’s YouTube video.

Grant landed in hot water for showing lackluster response to Ashley’s basic questions during the interview. When asked if he was rooting for anyone at this year’s Academy Awards, the “Love Actually” actor responded, “No one in particular.”

Grant also dismissed Graham’s question about his tuxedo as he claimed it was as a result of the work of his tailor whose name he “can’t remember.” Seemingly irritated, he said of his cameo in “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery“, “Well I’m barely in it. I’m in it for 3 seconds.” Later when the model asked if he had fun doing the film, he reluctantly replied, “Almost.”

While Grant has yet to address the scandal, Graham showed grace while being asked about the matter. “You know what, my mama told me to kill people with kindness, so there you go,” the 35-year-old star told TMZ earlier this month. The model did not further elaborate on the awkward moment, but she said that she still “had such a good time” while interviewing several other celebrities on behalf of ABC.

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