Tiger Woods' 'mistress' Rachel Uchitel claims she once dated RHOBH's PK Kemsley and he splashed $130K on her birthday

TIGER Woods' 'mistress' Rachel Uchitel claimed she once dated Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband PK Kemsley before he married Dorit.

She relayed how he once threw $130K on an over-the-top birthday and vacation celebration.

Rachel revealed on the Juicy Scoop podcast with Heather McDonald about how she and PK met: "PK was one of my clients when I worked in the night club business. And he started out as just being a client that would just come in, and he would come in and spend a little bit of money… And he would hit on me all the time. And we became very close friends. For a year we were just friends. And he would spend a little more money and a little more money. And long story short he cultivated himself into the man that became the first guy that spent $250K in one night at TAO night club.

"And so he was the very first guy to spend that kind of money.It was unheard of at the time, and he was my customer. And everyone thought that that was the most incredible thing they ever heard of that this customer would do that. He was buying bottles for every table. There was a go-go dancing night, and he became the judge. And he was handing out hundreds to everybody. It was so fun. But I became his wingman.

And I would kind of hang out with him in Vegas and New York, wherever he would go, and I became friends with all his friends. And I never was interested in him at all for a year, and then something changed. And PK really grows on you where I just fell in love with him. And we started dating for a couple months."

Rachel went on about how their relationship progressed saying: "And this was at the point that he was getting a divorce from Loretta, his wife, or he said he was. And he was in the process of getting a divorce, and he was moving. And he kept saying he was going to leave her, but he hadn't yet. And I kept saying 'well, I can't date a married man…' And she lived in London, and he was always here. And he was like 'no it's over. I'm moving to New York.' It's over. It's over.

"He really loved his family. I don't watch his show, but I never hear him talk about Loretta and the kids. He has three kids…He was obsessed with these kids and loved them more than anything. I'm almost shocked he has a wife and two kids. Because whatever his problems were with Loretta, his kids were like the most important thing.

And the reason we didn't work out is that he was just handing such as hard time divorcing London, Loretta, the kids. Like he couldn't wrap his head around leaving all of that because of the kids. And Loretta is such a different person from Dorit. She's very Bohemian, just a totally different vibe. It's just very interesting cause the two are so different."

Rachel also divulged about an incredible birthday blowout PK threw for her saying: "He was generous to me… He was always a very generous guy. I have him saved in my phone as my catcher. He would always catch me before I would hit the ground. He would always be the person that sort of saved me from things, almost like a dad later on. He was a good guy to me, and he really was caring, but he became more like that instead of more as a boyfriend. And he really started to spin more out of control.I think he was having more problems at home figuring out his life. He was losing a lot of money. He was spending so much money- 250K here, 80K in New York.

"On my own birthday, he spent $80K at Tenjune in New York City just to celebrate my birthday and then sent me on some $50K trip to Thailand. I mean the guy was just spending money like nobody's business and then filed for bankruptcy…

"He's an incredible guy, but he's very insecure and very sensitive. I'm surprised about a lot that I see about him and a lot said about him. He has a great personality, but he's not some bigshot money guy anymore. But he's got a great guy and very fun intoxicating personality to be around. But it ends. It's like a flame that goes out.

Rachel has since gone to have a daughter, Wyatt Lily Hahn, 8, with ex-husband Matt Hahn.

According to Page Six, Rachel was also “on the shortlist” for casting on Real Housewives of New York City last season, but producers instead went with Leah McSweeney.

Following Dorinda Medley's firing, Rachel may have another shot at RHONY.

When asked about her potential new gig, Rachel replied writing Page Six: “News to me!” with a winking emoji.

A Bravo rep also denied that Rachel's in talks to replace Dorinda, the outlet reported.

But the network did affirm she had previously been considered to join the show.

Rachel's also been linked to RHONY through the casanova of the cast, Harry Dubin.

She also revealed on the podcast she once dated Ramona Singer's ex-husband, Mario, and the two are still friends.

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