Tipping Point contestant apologises to Ben Shephard after mistake Its looking bad

Tipping Point: Contestant blanks on quick fire round

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Ben Shephard welcomed Laura, Tare, Sophie and Ian during a brand new episode of Tipping Point. The ITV quiz show returned to its previous format of four contestants but unlucky player Ian was left apologising to host Ben when he made a blunder in the second round of the popular quiz show. 

Laura, Sophie and Ian got off to a great start but unfortunately, Tare struggled with the Tipping Point machine.

He was eliminated at the end of the first round after failing to add any money to his jackpot.

Heading into the second round, Laura had £700, Sophie £350 and Ian £300.

The leader decided to go first and earned herself four counters before Sophie followed suit and also achieved four. 

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However, Ian struggled in the round and apologised to Ben for his performance. 

The host asked: “Which breakfast cereal company produces Crunchy Nut Clusters?”

Ian answered correctly with “Kellogg’s” before getting his second question right in quick succession. 

However, the contestant passed his next question and “panicked”.

Ben asked: “Quint is a character in which 1975 Steven Spielberg…”

Ian cut him off and remarked: “Pass,” but sighed when Ben revealed the answer was “Jaws”.

The host continued: “Which wife of Henry VIII was the mother of the future king of England Edward VI?”

Ian incorrectly answered “Anne Boleyn” before adding: “Sorry.”

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After failing to answer the last question, he said: “Sorry mate.”

“Ian just two,” Ben commented and the player replied: “I went a blank there.”

“You started panicking I think,” Ben observed. “You started off really brilliantly and then you passed on the [Jaws question] I think if you had waited you would have got it.”

“He needed a bigger boat I need bigger counters,” Ian joked. 

Explaining how the contestant could progress, Ben said: “You’ve got two counters to put in here Ian, you need 13 to catch Sophie.”

“It’s looking bad,” Ian replied.

The contestant was unable to catch Sophie and left the competition in the second round. 

Laura went on to make it through to the final but decided to take home her jackpot of £3,750 rather than risking the pot for a final chance at winning £10,000.

Tipping Point airs on ITV on weekdays at 4pm.

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