Tipping Point fans aghast over drop as Ben Shephard unveils ‘annoying’ twist

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Tipping Point fans were left baffled over a twist tonight which 'annoyingly' meant numerous counters were voided.

After presenter Ben Shephard, 46, witnessed the ambient drop, which saw an array of counters fall over the edge of the machine, he revealed that the coins didn't count.

It was a contestant named Lucy's turn and just before she put her counter into the famous machine, a cluster of counters fell.

After explaining that it was an ambient drop, Ben said: "annoyingly, those counters are going to have to be voided from the machine".

Viewers took to Twitter as they argued this was an unfair twist.

One said: "Ambient drop is wrong she was in play…"

Another penned: "F*** off! She should have got those!"

"Ambient drop klaxon!", wrote a third.

Despite her ambient drop, Lucy still managed to make it through to the next round after she achieved an impressive drop.

Ben told her: "Lucy, that's eight counters across the Tipping Point that's £400".

However, it was her fellow player Simon who was lucky enough to make it through to the final round of the show.

This meant he was in with the chance of winning the life-changing £10,000 jackpot prize.

After attempting to retrieve the jackpot coin, Simon was given the chance to trade his £2,600 winnings for three more chances to get it.

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He told Ben: "Where it is, it's too high risk, so I'm going to take the money thanks, Ben".

However, after he turned down the trade, the machine showed Simon what would have happened if he had gambled.

In a cruel twist, he saw the jackpot counter tumble over the edge of the Tipping Point.

Simon was left gutted as Ben said: "I can't believe that!"

Had he taken the trade, Simon would have left with £10,000, but he was still pleased to win £2,600.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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