Tom Hanks 'Caught' Stealing a Cardboard Cutout of Himself from Hollywood Souvenir Shop

The “Toy Story 4” star was challenged to put his nice guy image to the test by turning criminal.

Tom Hanks was challenged to put his nice guy label to the test by literally walking into a souvenir shop and stealing a cardboard cutout of himself, but he did so much more than that.

Jimmy Kimmel put the "Toy Story 4" star up to the task, who didn’t balk at the idea of tarnishing his near-perfect public image at all. But while Kimmel wondered if this was a misdemeanor or a felony, Hanks was nothing but confidence.

"The only thing I’m going to be arrested for is being too charming," he joked as he left Kimmel’ theater. Hilariously, it took the people on the street a little bit of time to react to the fact that Tom Hanks was walking down the sidewalk.

By the time he was ready to return to the show, Guillermo and even a police escort were on hand, but for his walk to the store it was just him and the stunned faces of passersby.

Of course, Hanks quickly proved that he would make an absolutely terrible criminal, schmoozing with everyone in the store, cracking jokes and chatting everyone up so they’d be sure and remember his appearance. He did promise charming, though, so he absolutely delivered on that front.

He also got distracted, too, trying to pair up an Australia man with another women, even giving the man’s wife $20 to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and get herself a cheap cut of meat and meet someone. He was certainly having a good time, but he wasn’t doing so great as a criminal.

The actor more than made up for it when he finally made it to the standees and found one of Kimmel’s arch-rival Matt Damon. Kimmel was probably right when he said that Hank’s vandalism of the standee probably made it worth more.

When it finally came down to business, Hanks was incredibly forthcoming and direct. It would be fair to say, in fact, that he was incredibly honest and kind about his criminal intentions, telling the shop, "Hi, I’m Tom Hanks and I’m stealing this standee."

Later, when given the chance to steal a sausage from a street vendor, Hanks admitted "I can’t" and asked Guillermo to slide her a $20 when he leaves.

So in the end, even though he did steal the standee, Tom Hanks couldn’t have been nicer about it. And then he immediately reverted back to form, paying for his sausage and even handing out some of his ill-gotten gains from the souvenir store.

He then probably headed back to pay for everything with interest, if Kimmel’s team hadn’t already taken care of that.

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