TOWIE’S Saffron shares she’s no longer talking to Gemma Collins

TOWIE star Saffron Lempriere has revealed she and Gemma Collins no longer speak as she claimed lockdown made her see who her "true friends are".

Saffron first appeared alongside Gemma in spin off show Diva Espana before she joined her in the official cast of TOWIE in 2018.

The reality TV star claimed that while she and The GC were pals for a long time she has now cut contact with the star.

Saffron remained tight-lipped on the reasons behind the pair's bust up, but said she wished Gemma "all the best".

Saffron told FUBAR radio: "Me and Gemma were good friends for a long time. I worked with her in the clothing and we were good friends. We were like sisters really and we rowed like sisters as well as loved like sisters," she told FUBAR radio.

Saffron admitted: "Me and Gemma no longer talk. I wish her all the best and that’s it really.”

Saffron refused to explain why the pair are no longer on speaking terms despite their numerous telly appearances together.

She said: "There is reasons but I’m not willing to discuss them. We’ve gone our own separate ways. She’s successful, I wish her all the happiness, best and that’s it."

While she was not prepared to reveal details of her rift with Gemma, Saffron made some stark comments about her friendships in lockdown.

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She said: "I really realised who my true friends were in that time. People that you could just pick up the phone to and I realised that I’d wasted a lot of energy and time on things that I shouldn’t have. Because at the end of the day, you’ve got to be happy with yourself.

"I'm an empath. I’m a giver, so I’m always thinking about somebody else. When it come to me, I was like, shit this is real.

"And I’ve suffered in the past with my mental health. I’ve suffered with anxiety and not as much depression but I think I was going down that route so I’ve gone through that.”

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“I’ve been to therapists and things like that and you talk about yourself so much, but still I don’t think I ever was sitting with myself. There’s a massive difference."

Saffron is set to return to TOWIE and in the upcoming episodes she finds herself single for the first time since she was 15.

She explained: "I’m newly single. I was in a relationship from 15 with somebody for 10 years and then I was in a relationship after that.

"The viewers have not really known much about me until now so I’ve been able to sort of run with that and share a bit about my personal life.

"I’ve just been sort of finding happiness alone because lockdown really highlighted a lot for me. I got the time to self-reflect, a lot of time to sit with my own thoughts which I haven’t done for a long time, and just being on my own, which sounds mad but it was daunting. I didn’t know what alone was."

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