TVLine Podcast: Dream Emmy Nominee Christine Baranski Talks Good Fight's 'Cathartic' Trump Obsession, Shares Mixed Feelings About a Potential Julianna Margulies Guest Stint

The Good Fight‘s third season doubled down on all things Trump and, for her part, Christine Baranski admits the art-imitates-politics approach has become something of a double-edged sword.

“On the one hand it is deeply cathartic because I can bring what I feel and what I think into my work,” the lifelong Democrat confesses to TVLine in the latest installment of our Dream Emmy Podcast series. “But it can also be draining because I can never [escape it]…But [series creators Robert and Michelle King] are writing these characters living in this moment in time, which I think is great.

“I’m going on vacation soon and I plan to turn off the news for 12 days,” Baranski adds with a laugh. “I think we all have to have a rest. It’s making us nuts. I don’t care what your politics are. It’s all coming at us so hard and fast.”

Also in the Q&A, Baranski reflects on her 10-year anniversary of playing Diane, dissects that infamous Season 3 head-banging scene, and weighs in on Julianna Margulies’ ill-fated Season 3 guest stint.

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