Virgin River season 5 theory: Two newcomers arrive after Lizzie star drops clue?

Virgin River's Sarah Dugdale discusses Lizzie's future

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Virgin River continues to be a Netflix hit and fans were thrilled to hear work has already started on season five. Lizzie (played by Sarah Dugdale) started to show a more empathetic side in the latest season, after Hope’s (Annette O’Toole) return. Sarah spoke exclusively to about what she would love to see happen to Lizzie in season five.

When Lizzie first came to Virgin River, she became the rebellious character who served her own self-interests.

She explored a number of romantic relationships, especially with Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey), but things did not work out when Ricky decided to join the Marines.

Season four saw Lizzie experience some personality changes as she felt more at home in Virgin River.

She offered her assistance to Hope McCrea after she returned following her tragic car accident.

Lizzie actress Sarah spoke exclusively to about what could be next for her character.

She said: “I would love to see her find that purpose and see her continue to develop relationships with people like Hope, who is such a strong female character.

“[She] would be a really great role model for Lizzie and I think the more she dives into stuff like that, you will really see who Lizzie is.

“I would also love to learn more about her parents and learn more about why she is the way she is.

“Maybe one of them comes to town, maybe she gets to talk about that relationship she has with them more because there’s a reason why she showed up with all this baggage and this chip on her shoulder.

“I think it would be cool to show the audiences why she is like that, pull back the curtain a bit.”

With this in mind, there is a chance Lizzie’s mother or father could come to Virgin River to visit their daughter.

Not having much contact with Lizzie since she made her entrance, they could be eager to find out how she has been keeping.

With enough time having passed for the dust to settle, they may want to rebuild some bridges.

This could come at a difficult time for Lizzie after newcomer Denny (Kai Bradbury) dropped a huge bombshell on her.

While Lizzie was keen to explore a relationship with him, Denny revealed he had terminal Huntington’s Disease.

Lizzie’s parents may try and encourage her to come home if she opens up about what she has been through.

She also had to deal with the departure of Ricky after he made his exit to join the Marines.

Sarah opened up about filming the last scene with Grayson, saying: “I think that scene really showed the love and the care she has for Ricky isn’t gone.

“With time and with healing maybe they will revisit their relationship they have, it was a good way of showing the door is still open.

“I don’t think Lizzie has ever lost the feelings she has for Ricky and that scene in general was so beautiful.


“It really encapsulated the heart of Virgin River which is the community and the love and the way people really show up for each other.

“The whole town is there to send Ricky off as they are all his family.”

If Lizzie’s parents try and persuade her to leave the town, she may refuse as she now calls Virgin River her home.

She may have to choose between her parents and her newfound family and it may not be an easy decision to make.

Virgin River season 5 is in the making for Netflix.

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