WATCH: Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio Reminisce Together on Their Growing Pains Beginnings

Long before Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt dominated the big screen, the young actors almost crossed paths on a beloved sitcom.

Sitting down with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood costar Margot Robbie and director Quentin Tarantino for NBC’s Today, Pitt and DiCaprio talked about briefly missing each other on Growing Pains, which ran from 1985 to 1992.

“No. But we did start on the same television show,” Pitt told Today‘s Harry Smith after he asked if they had worked together before.

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DiCaprio then chimed in with the dates that he was on the show and the two went back and forth trying to remember exactly when it was.

“I don’t remember. I mean we’re talking decades ago, but we were on the same television show,” DiCaprio said.

Decades later, the two are starring together for the first time in Tarantino’s 9th film about the changing landscape of Hollywood in 1969. DiCaprio, 44, plays aging actor Rick Dalton, while Pitt, 55, stars as his loyal stuntman Cliff Booth.

“I had a great laugh with him,” Pitt told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival of DiCaprio. “It’s that thing knowing you have the best of the best on the opposite side of the table holding up the scene with you. There is a great relief in that.”

He added, “We have the same reference points. We have been going through this at the same time. Similar experiences to laugh about it. I hope we do it again, it was great fun.”

DiCaprio said there was “incredible ease and comfort getting to work alongside Brad.”

“[It was] incredibly easy working with Brad and I think we forged a great cinematic bond in a film about our industry together,” he said.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood debuts in theaters July 26.

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