We get pushed around by China! Nigel Farage in heated Brexit independence clash

Nigel Farage in heated Brexit independence clash with Hitchens

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Author and Mail on Sunday Columnist Peter Hitchens and Nigel Farage had a heated exchange over their assessment of Britain’s sovereignty after Brexit. The former leader of the Brexit Party campaigned for years for the UK to be fully independent of the European Union, and insisted the UK is now a fully sovereign nation. Mr Hitchens however hit back suggesting the prominence of emerging powers such as China will leave Britain depending on countries outside of the EU. 

On GB News, Mr Farage asked: “Brexit, where we are today is not perfect with Northern Ireland with fisheries, but we do actually to a large degree have got back the ability to run our lives now.”

“I didn’t take part in the referendum campaign. I didn’t vote in the referendum.

I thought that we should have taken the Norway option.

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I thought that the referendum was designed to save the Conservative Party, rather than the country.

Mr Farage chipped in: “But we could have gone to the Norway option once we had the vote?”

Mr Hitchens then said: “We didn’t because the campaign to leave the European Union, which was originally a campaign of people who loved this country and wanted to retain and restore this institution.

“And this was taken by a bunch of piratical free traders who want nothing of that kind.


“They simply wanted to take this country out of the European Union and plunges into a world of completely unrestrained free trading which instead of being dominated by Brussels, we get pushed around by China.

Yes, of course, there are global standards and if you want to sell a good to America, you’ve got to meet with their laws and I understand that.


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“So you didn’t vote for Brexit didn’t participate in the referendum, do you ever vote for anybody anymore?”

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