What happened on Love Island last night? Recap of episode 35 with all the highlights and gossip

LAST NIGHT's episode of Love Island saw the boys leave the famous villa to do some shopping, with things turning left after Anton decided to pass his number to a shop clerk.

Meanwhile, Maura experienced considerable difficulties wrapping her head around the fact that Francesca had coupled up with Curtis, and things got heated when she approached the ballroom dancer for a massage. Here's the lowdown…

What happened in last night’s episode?

After the recoupling confrontation was over, Maura seemed incensed over the way that newcomer Francesca had stolen Curtis from her.

During a chat with the 23-year-old, Maura clarified that she was not going to lose him to the new girl, referencing that “she’s never going to make you laugh the way I do.”

Curtis plainly felt torn about the situation, having told Molly-Mae and Tommy on the sun deck that the two girls had both been very nice to him, and he wouldn't want to push either of them away.

While things were still fresh between him and Francesca, he noticed that he needed to see where things would go, but he likewise didn't need Maura to lose interest in him.

“I don’t want to rush it but I know I need to get a move on because I’ll push them both away.” he disclosed to Tommy and Molly.

“I wish one of them was horrible, it would make the decision so much easier!”

Elsewhere, in the Beach Hut, Francesca clarified how she hadn't met anyone like Curtis in the villa and was looking forward to getting to know him better.

Later in the day, however, when Maura asked Curtis for a back rub, Francesca watched on and it wasn't difficult to tell that the move had left her feeling tense.

The brunette later revealed to her Island partner how giving Maura a massage was rather disrespectful, particularly since they had only just coupled up and should chip away at their romance together instead.

Francesca didn't know that the Irish beauty had overheard the conversation before she pulled the most disturbed outward appearance, making it evident that newbie was beginning to become a problem.

Later on, Jordan had gotten a text message, which read: “Islanders. Tonight, the boys will be cooking dinner for the girls.”

“But first Jordan, Tommy and Anton it’s time to go shopping to buy the ingredients. Please get ready to leave immediately. #prepyourself #supermarketsweet”

The boys did pretty well at finding everything they needed – yet Anton couldn't help himself by giving his number on the back of a receipt to the retail assistant.

As the young men return to the villa to start setting up a heavenly feast for the ladies, Molly-Mae caught the folks discussing what had unfolded at the store.

During a chat with Tommy, Molly pushed for answers and the fighter didn't set up a lot of a battle to keep the banter among him and the guys, telling his "girlfriend" that Anton gave out his number while shopping for food.

Obviously, Molly proceeded to impart the news to her pals Anna and Joanna, who all seemed, by all accounts, shocked by the disclosure.

Finally, Chris continued to pursue Amber Gill after having made it clear how he felt about the beauty therapist in episode 34.

At the point when the two at long last had a minute to themselves, Chris told Amber: “I’d like to know if there is any opportunity at all.”

Amber stressed how she still had feelings for Michael, nearly suggesting that she wasn't keen on becoming acquainted with the newcomer, yet Chris kept on pushing to lengthen out their conversation.

After Chris had raised his affection for Harry Potter, Amber intruded on, saying: “Before you make assumptions, I actually once went to the cinema to watch all three ‘Lord of the Rings’ films back-to-back for nine hours, because ‘The Hobbit’ was coming out.”

Chris, clearly astounded that Amber felt weak at the knees over fantasy films, gushed: “I didn’t know that about you. We might have a lot more in common than we thought.”

What time is Love Island on tonight?

Love Island airs every weekday – and on Sundays – at 9pm on ITV2.

Of course, if that's not enough then make sure to check out Love Island: Unseen Bits on Saturdays, which replaces the main show for the day, offering viewers a round-up all the best bits from the week.

Sunday nights also sees Caroline Flack's spin-off show Love Island: Aftersunair right after the main show at 10pm on ITV2, where the brunette discusses all the latest gossip with special guests

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