What’s on TV: Friday, July 26


SBS Viceland, 11.25pm

Addiction is a deadening, cruel constant – SBS is showing the very first series of this reality documentary series (there are now 20) that initially aired in 2005, but aside from the odd bit of technology or fashion the particulars of an addict and their circumstances are timeless. For wife and mother Tina, the constant intake of prescription pain medication results in self-loathing, financial dodges, and an increasingly dangerous enlarged heart; hanging out at the racetrack with her toddler in tow hoping to win some money sums up her day. "I don't want to have to say to my son, 'Your mum is dead'," says her husband, Harley, the tone as blunt as the handheld shooting style. These early episodes have an unadorned openness in the lead-up to the actual intervention, which is a tearful but somewhat premeditated ritual.

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