Where are Emmerdale’s Bates family now? From retirements to I’m A Celebrity

EMMERDALE’S Bates family are at the top of the list for fans’ comeback lists.

They were at the centre of some of the most explosive storylines in the soap’s history and provided the legendary Kim Tate one of her biggest foils. 

But where are they all now and what became of them?

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Malcolm Bates

Malcolm was originally played by actor Anthony Schaeffer until 1987 when he was replaced by Tom Adams.

He stayed in the role until 1991 playing the alcoholic father of Nick and Kathy Bates. 

Combative and controlling, Malcolm objected to Kathy marrying Jackie Merrick but in the end his wishes were ignored and the couple married in 1988.

However it was a short-lived marriage and Jackie died a year later, and by that time Malcolm left the village.

He returned for Kathy’s second wedding to Chris Tate in 1991 but never again.

Actor Tom went on to star in Casualty and Focus North, but died in 2014 aged 76.

As well as Emmerdale, he was best remembered for his roles in The Great Escape and Licensed to Kill.

Caroline Bates

The mother of the family, Caroline Bates raised children Kathy and Nick and was the secretary at Home Farm.

Working under Alan Turner, she almost married him after her divorce from Malcolm.

However she opted to leave the village for a life away from the drama, but did frequently return for visits.

Actress Diana Davies made appearances up until 1999.

After quitting the soap she appeared in The Vice, but was best known for Where the Heart is, Heartbeat and the original All Creatures Great and Small.

Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates is the best known of the Bates family – and most missed.

Played by Malandra Burrows, Kathy remains a firm fan-favourite and tops the list of characters fans want back.

Her relationships with the likes of Jackie Merrick, Chris Tate and Dave Glover saw her face off against Kim Tate more than once.

Kathy left the village in 2001 but has made occasional visits including most recently in 2005 following the death of Seth Armstrong. 

She has been frequently mentioned away from the village with her life in Australia being talked about often.

After quitting the soap Malandra went on to become a singer, appear in tours but most high profile was her appearance on I’m A Celebrity in 2006.

Nick Bates

Nick Bates arrived late to the family in 1985 to visit his mum Caroline.

He was estranged from his mother over his father Malcolm’s alcoholism.

Actor Cy Chadwick played Nick until 1999 for his final appearance from prison after he killed poacher Jed Connell.

Since leaving the soap the actor has worked more behind the camera.

He directed a documentary series of Winter Walks as well as Yorkshire Walks show.

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