Where are the original cast of Silent Witness now?

Silent Witness: Nikki Alexander performs an autopsy

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Silent Witness airs on BBC One and the season 25 finale is just around the corner. Nikki Alexander (played by Emilia Fox) and Jack Hodgson (David Caves) are the stars of the TV series along with Simone Tyler (Genesis Lynea). Express.co.uk has all you need to know about what happened to the show’s leads from the first few seasons.

Where are the original cast of Silent Witness now?

Sam Ryan – Amanda Burton

Samantha Ryan was the first major character in Silent Witness and she was the original leader of the forensics team.

Sam was part of the series for the first eight seasons, returning home to Ireland after a member of her family was implicated in a murder.

She made a surprise comeback in the current season, and the character is played by Amanda Burton.

The Northern Irish actress is 65 and she is a mother of two. She was married to professional photographer Sven Arnstein but the couple divorced in 2004.

Since her time on Silent Witness, Amanda went on to take on main roles in The Commander, Waterloo Road and Marcella.

Tom Adams – John McGlynn

Tom Adams was a police inspector working for the Cambridgeshire police and he began an affair with his colleague Kerry Cox (Ruth Gemmel).

Kerry was tragically killed in an accident and after her death, Tom retired from the police.

Tom was played by John McGlynn, a Scottish actor who is now 68 years old.

He still appears to be acting, having a guest role as a judge in White Lines in 2020.

One of the star’s latest credits was in the TV miniseries Injustice in 2011.

Helen Farmer – Clare Higgins

Helen Farmer was a superintendent of the Cambridgeshire police force and DI Tom Adams’ mentor.

She helped him with a number of cases before his resignation but only starred in the first season.

Helen was played by Clare Higgins, and the actress is now 66 years old.

One of the star’s latest roles was in 2019’s Cleaning Up.

The star is married to her husband Brian Walker.

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Trevor Stewart – William Armstrong

Doctor Trevor Stewart was a pathologist and one of Sam Ryan’s business partners.

His last appearance was in the third season, and he decided to stay in Cambridge.

Trevor was played by William Armstrong, and the actor is now 67.

His most recent roles since leaving the series were in Doctors and Casualty.

Wyn Ryan – Ruth McCabe

Wyn was Sam’s older sister and she appeared in the first three seasons of the series.

She was played by Ruth McCabe, an Irish actress who is still working on new projects to this day.

The star is currently featuring in Joyride and Aisha, which are both in post-production.

She will also play Bea in a newly-announced project, Epic.

One of her biggest roles since leaving Silent Witness was as Grano in Damo and Ivor.

Peter Ross – Mick Ford

Superintendent Peter Ross joined the second season and he was an ex-boyfriend of Sam’s.

He believed in a strong relationship between the police and the pathology lab.

The star was played by Mick Ford and the actor is now 69 years old.

He is married to former actress Rudi Davies.

The star went on to feature in Big Bad World, Fish and Collision.

Silent Witness returns to BBC One on Monday at 9pm.

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