Where is Emily Bishop in Coronation Street and why is she not returning properly

Emily Bishop, played by actress Eileen Derbyshire, is the longest-standing female character in Coronation Street and so her return to our screens – albeit brief – is a welcome one.

Emily makes a cameo on the soap in Wednesday night’s episodes when she appears via video phone to surprise Ken Barlow (William Roache) on his 80th birthday.

Eileen hasn’t made an appearance on the show as her character Emily in almost three years, so her brief return is a nostalgic one.

The Weatherfield veteran was a regular on the soap until 2016, but where has she been since then and why is she not coming back to the Cobbles for good?

Where is Emily Bishop in Coronation Street and why is she not returning properly?

Emily bid goodbye to the soap in January 2016 after an incredible 50 years on the show.

Eileen’s character’s exit storyline saw her decide to travel to Peru to help her nephew Geoffrey ‘Spider’ Nugent with his charity work.

The pensioner was believed to be in South America until January 2018 when Ken Barlow revealed that he’d had word his friend has returned to the UK and was now living in Edinburgh with her niece Freda Burgess.

Emily Bishop as a character has always had the door left open for her after Eileen took a break a number of years ago, however, show boss Iain MacLeod revealed back in August that although discussions always remain ongoing in terms of Emily returning, as it stands, there are no plans on the table yet for a permanent return.

So we’ll have to be content with the Corrie legend appearing on Skype for now.

Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV1 at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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